Extreme Processor Core i7 6950X Exclusive Review in Israel: The home consumer gets 10 cores

Intel today launches the world's most powerful processor for the desktop market and we provide you with a comprehensive review: The monstrous 6950X

This is the time when we announce a new king in the world of processors. Since the middle of the previous decade Continues to pick this title and leave it to itself every year that passes with new products.

This time the title comes with more than the level of the processor frequency, but with the addition of cores and reaching a particularly impressive achievement. The processor with the most powerful title in the world (which of course is not intended for servers) 6950X, which was announced today at the 2016 Computex Exhibition in Taiwan.

This processor contains an incredible amount of 10 cores, along with Hyper-Threading technology that gives 10 additional logical cores for parallel computation as agile as possible.

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This processor, which is being played together with its younger brothers, symbolizes progress in the extreme chassis. While the LGA1150 chassis received new 14 nanometer processors with the Broadwell series and the " i7 5775C, and currently uses Skylake processors such as 6700K, the LGA2011-3 extender, is still with 22 nanometer processors like the 5960X octagonal cores. Today LGA2011-3 is getting new 14 Nano processors from the X--E.

The new processor family for the Extreme chassis - -E


For the first time, the launch of the series The new Extreme chassis receives not three but four new models.

The most expensive and advanced processor in the series is the " 6950X, 10, 25 cores Third level cache and price tag of 1569 dollars. The operating frequency is 3.0 GHz before turbo.


Below it is the refresh to the octagonal cores processor. The old 5960X replaces the The new 6900K. This processor comes in a frequency of 3.2 GHz (compared to 3.0 in 5960X), A 20 megabyte cache and a price tag similar to the predecessor of 999 dollars.

The replacement of the 5930K is the The new 6850K. Six processing cores, a high frequency of 3.6 GHz before turbo and 15 megabyte of treasure. Its price tag is slightly lower than the 600 rate of its predecessor and stands at only $ 587.

The ultra-high-budget processor maintains the tradition of the 5820K. God- 6800K is a six-core processor that comes in a frequency of 3.4 GHz before turbo and carries a 15 megabyte of treasure. Its price is 412 dollars.

There is one notable difference apart from the number of cores between the budget 6800K and its older siblings. This difference is the number of internal PCI-Express channels compared to them. While the three most advanced themes are 40, which has only "28". Thus, anyone planning an array of 4 video cards will have to take an advanced processor. Although, 28 Channels is certainly enough for an array of two video cards along with a storage card M.2.

All these processors carry a heat envelope of 140 watts. True, the cores and octagons have significantly lower power consumption than the 10-core processor.

You'll get used to it - minute-cold

The focus of this criticism is on the planet's star, the world's first deca-core processor for the consumer market. The word Deca is in Latin and means ten.


Let's talk a bit more about what a processor is like. The Core i7 6950X is the first LGA2011-3 socket processor built in the new 14 process from Intel. This process is a huge leap forward from the point of view of CPU efficiency. One of Intel's steps in transitioning to this advanced production process is the use of new 3D transistors it calls Tri-Gate, Here's an explanation of the technology.


While the server world was amazed at the 12 processors in the 32 nanometer generation, the 22 nanometer generation gave them 18 cores and recently exposed the new server processors that increase the processing power significantly and give 22 processing cores (!). By the way, soon you will also see new 28 processors cores to the world of servers.

The Core i7 6950X is the result of this technological advance. Its heat envelope is set to 140 watts, and it supports up to 128 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM. In this generation of processors Has increased the naturally supported memory frequency from 2133 MHz to 2400 to ensure compatibility with high-speed memories starting to capture the market.

40 PCI-Express channels in the processor ensure you can use it with a wide range of expansion cards, but the main purpose is advanced video cards. Three screen cards of X8 bandwidth will leave enough space for both drives B-.

Has a new Turbo - Turbo Boost


Intel has an important mission in processors with six or more cores. She wants these processors to be good for tasks beyond video editing, building games and complex simulations. We want our Extreme processors to be used by .

Therefore, it goes a few steps forward and brands the 6950X as a gaming processor. But, how do you bring gamers the gospel with a relatively low operating frequency of only 3.0 GHz? Well, the answer is a further acceleration of the processor in operations that use only a small fraction of the core (only four cores are a small part ...).

This is how the new TurboBost technology is born, which intelligently manages the processor frequency and accelerates these first cores even further to increase processor performance and bring it to the line As agile as the 6700K. Today This will be put to the test.


Without exaggerating, it's time to dive into performance tests, why most of you are here.

System Exam

The following is the technical specification of the computer running the performance test The new 6950X.

  • Motherboard: Gigabyte X99- G1 WiFi
  • Motherboard for 6700K processor Model Z170 Extreme6
  • CPU Cooling: NH-D15
  • Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws Z 4X4GB 2667Mhz
  • Power Supply: HX1050 1050W
  • Graphics Card: GTX 780 Ti MATRIX 3GB
  • hard drive: 830 128GB
  • screen: BenQ XL2430T 1080P 144Hz
  • Operating System: 10 Pro

Additional processors being tested

Processor performance in games

The world of computer games today is bigger and more varied than ever before. Like the amount of types, graphics engines, and design styles, so does the performance of the games on different hardware today.

We took three prominent recent games known for heavy and proper use of modern hardware, especially in efficient use of cores . These games are V, Witcher 3 and The Division, three popular games these days.


The result in the GTA V was somewhat surprising. While this game will perform significantly more in the transition between 2 and 4 processing cores, the effect seems to have gone away completely. In this test, 6700K as the leading processor with its high frequency of operation and new Skylike architecture.


In the 3 Witcher game, the results were fairly uniform when the fastest quadrant actually had the lowest performance in the 6950X group. This game appears to balance the frequency of operation with the amount of cores.


The Division game is a prominent candidate for such a test, simply because it is so intense on And this can be clearly seen from the results. Even when he carries a very high frequency, the 6700K quadrangle is bypassed by his older brothers. The 6950K maintained a high and stable average of For a second.

Rendering tests - real use in multiple cores

The processors we also took for a world-wide graphics and editing round with the following two performance tests.

The Cibenech R15 test is known as such that makes use of any hardware resource available, especially in the processor. The purpose of the test is to show how much Fast rendering of a particularly heavy 3-D scene, which allows them to score according to the rendering speed. The test allows rendering on all the CPUs and only on One by one.


Actual processing power does not lie in Cinebench. God- i7 6950X displays processing capabilities that the desktop world did not recognize and reaches the 1759 score on the test. This is an addition of 34 percent to the score of the octagon cores 5960X.

The second test is practical. This is a rendering of a video project in the software Vegas. I did Has multiple layers of 4 length: 30 minutes and has rendering properties that include FullHD resolution 1080P on 60 Per second with an AVC encoder with an average rate of 26 megabits per second. The processors were measured in the amount of time it took to produce the final file. Less seconds equals faster speed.

sony vegas

The number of seconds Lerner took the video with the new processor made me fall in love with him as an amateur video editor. An improvement of 26 at the time of rendering over the octagon of the cores accurately reflects its reinforcement In the new processor. When time is worth money in a world where you invest so much in speed rendering, 6950X knows to indulge.

Power consumption - The improvement that enables 10 cores

בשביל Power consumption is the key to products like this processor. The entire test system was measured in the power consumption tests to see where the new 10-core processor was facing its predecessors.

Rest mode is a state in which the computer system is on the desktop without a task that takes resources abnormally. Game Mode Displays the highest power consumption the computer system showed when playing the game V. Processor effort mode shows the maximum power consumption of the computer system when running a CPU stress test only.


The transition to the 14 nanometer process causes the i7 6950X actually consume less power than what- 5960X. In fact, the power consumption of the 6950X was even close to that of the 5820K, at least when playing. When the processor was tested alone in the effort of all cores, its power consumption was only higher than 13 watts of the 5820K core.

This is a particularly impressive power consumption data for the new ten-core monster Heat data from a processor is completely staged. You can take this processor along with Air at NIS 100 and get low operating temperatures that characterize the quad core processors today. It is of course worthwhile investing in such a processor will still be accompanied by investment in the body More advanced.

Power consumption is the most successful part of me in every launch of an Extreme processor. We started the decade with Core i7 965, which was dominated mainly with metal monsters just to get normal operating temperatures in the effort. We continued with processors such as the Core i7 3960X hexagon that enabled the use of more conventional plugs and today the new flagship of Shows that even the most advanced processor has enough power to use in the Israeli weather.

Fast to CPU- 6950X - domain חדש

Extreme processor is not really an Extreme processor if it does not support overclocking. God- 6950X is no exception. Although 10 carries cores and 20 capillaries, 6950X also has the ability to stretch the legs and make it perform even higher. If 3000 MHz is not enough for you, there is an option to increase heat emissions and electricity consumption and eliminate several hundred mega-runners.

Before the haste was over, I was filled with expectations. Whenever the "world's most powerful processor" comes for testing, As far as I am concerned, it is the first footing in the dimension to which the masses have not yet reached. Is delivering expensive server performance to a standard home computer.

The processor i7 6950X is a Broadwell processor and my familiarity with this family in overclocking is not very pleasant. The little brother of this square processor 5775C is overclocking less than average, actually the worst average of processor families in recent years.

Remember, the family is a little different from Skylake. Here is a quick guide as a reminder. It is intended for Haswell but also suitable for.


I managed to bring the processor to 42 with the baseband remaining on 100, which brings the processor to 4200 MHz. The voltage required for processor stability is 1.300 volts. This is a fairly serious addition to the 1.060 value used by the default frequency.

Hard to bring processors High frequency due to the composition of components in the processor. it is known. However, the 4200 MHz frequency is a respectable addition that ranges from 1200 to 700 MHz over the default mode, depending on the nature of use of course. 10 processing cores with HyperThreading technology at the frequency of 4200 MHz is not something to be underestimated. This is a real processing monster.

As the processor accelerated, the Cinebench score jumped from 1759 to 2137. Render time at Vegas dropped from 390 to 310 seconds. This is an addition Average of 23 percent.

The effort operation temperature is kept away from the red line 95 ° C. Of course, it is also recommended to descend below the 90 of the Celsius degree in maximum effort to prevent the effect of extreme room temperature.

Overclocking to 6950X has made it a tool Against games and software alike. With the increased frequency of operation, the relevance of 6950X in gaming is strengthened compared to that of the 6700K.

I mention - all this is done on air cooling. For me this is the ultimate relevance test. All respect to extreme.

Summary - A new work force opens

Let's get started with gaming. Performance tests do not draw the i7 6950X as a general gaming processor. In terms of net performance, between this piece of hardware and 6700K, the 6700K remains the king of gaming processors today. A much more relevant comparison may be between the 6700K and the 6800K and the 6850K, With higher frequency of operation and minimal heat emission.

Anyone who invests 1500 dollars in a ten-core processor should know very well why he does it. It is possible that in the far future, where virtual reality glasses and high resolutions will take over the market, such a processor will have a place in the gaming world. On the other hand, even in such an era is expected Find a suitable replacement for 6700K that will be available to the masses.


Some will say that Core i7 6950X is a demonstration of power and net capabilities of , Who has been at the summit for many years and wants to mention it. I think there's a lot more to it than that.

When it comes to software that uses heavy CPU usage, 6950X is an undisputed leader. Notice the notable improvements in Cinebench and Vegas, they need to tell you how much.

Today there are institutions and businesses that need as much processing power as a single resident, 6950X opens as a relevant option for them. If investing 500 dollars beyond 8 cores means faster product delivery to the customer, some will make the investment.

The relatively low heat emission of the 6950X allows it to be in hot and dense places when it brings significant improvement over the 5960X. When it comes to speeding up the processor, usually with the first samples I have less luck, and the 4200 megahertz frequency, however respectable, does not represent the end result for you if you purchase such a processor. It is likely that the average frequency after Will be more in the direction of 4300 and 4400 MHz. The quality of the chip is random, but generally improves over time.


As part of the marketing materials Indicates how much the The new 6950X is a mega-tasking processor. Yes, just forget about Multi-Tasking, this processor is designed for the madness of multiple task missions. I am also included in this audience because my only use on three screens is the ability to perform so many tasks at the same time, so I see myself using such a processor in the future.

I give Intel the performance prize for a simple reason. If excess processing power is a preference for you, if processing time in editing software is a big burden and you need a processor as fast as possible without running your own server - i7 6950X is what you're looking for. Most gamers can use the smaller siblings of this processor, such as the new 6700K and 6800K, but if you want to play it, 6950X is not going to punish you at all. In fact, if gaming on multiple screens with arrays This is the direction, 6950X may be the right direction to ensure durability and relevance Over a long time.


Great Performance - Processor 6950X LGA2011-3

the good

  • 10 cores give the processor the highest performance you'll see on the desktop market
  • Low power consumption compared to the previous generation
  • Suitable for existing chassis, all you need is BIOS update only
  • Overclocking is easy and adds dozens of percent of performance, even in use Standard air

The bad

  • New price tag for the consumer market - 1,500 dollars