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Windows 7 vs. Windows 8.1 - Gaming Performance

We took some And we checked - where we get the best gaming performance
For several months now, the new operating system from Microsoft has been making quite a bit of noise and waves among gamers. When launched, many found the 8 as an attractive prison. It seems that for a large part of the PC user population, switching to 8 windows is no less than an intrusion on an intelligent interface with Metro, and the elimination of the traditional and useful start button has not helped.
since, 8 was rubbed together with an important update called 8.1 (probably out of fashion to call it a service package and so good). The 8.1 update brought with it a number of improvements and additions, such as advanced search tools, the possibility of avoiding the annoying metro screen, and more.
The common claim since it was launched 8 is that there is an improvement in system performance, that hardware utilization is simply better than Windows 7. Well, we gathered today to examine this, at least in gaming.
Test system
  • Processor: Intel i7 4770K 4.2Ghz
  • Motherboard: Asus Maximus VI LGA1150
  • Memory: G.Skill Sniper 2X8GB 1600Mhz
  • Power Supply: Corsair HX-series 1050W
  • storage: SanDisk Extreme 240GB SATA3
  • Driver Video Cards: AMD Catalyst 14.1 Beta, 332.21
  • Operating Systems: Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate 64BIT, 8 Enterprise 64BIT
Tested video cards
The performance was examined in the same manner under 2 operating systems to give an estimate of whether there was any improvement .

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25 תגובות

  1. Yes 350 ₪
    Laugh, but 8.1 Home Premium is sold at several stores to buy a new computer and there are buyers.

  2. To 1
    It is not a shame to pay money for a non-physical product that has invested a lot of money and time. Lucky there are some so you can enjoy it.

  3. Whoever had enough
    Upgrade in NIS 40 I think, don't you?
    I remember getting an offer and upgrading and even getting 2 licenses.

  4. I'm still with xp
    HP 8 years old laptop with battery still kicks
    What a luxury life it is to play all day on the computer, go learn to play the first pension / million

  5. The Battlefield Shikri test
    There is a very big difference in FPS in BF4 between 8.1 and 7, over 10% definitely

  6. I'll check for 9 windows
    Thanks, but I'll get to 9 in about a year,
    With a normal "nylon" straight interface
    And of course with the latest directx support and let's improve 2.5% performance 😉

  7. It doesn't have to be true
    Depending on how much they loaded the operating systems and depended on how they set the performance or the OC of the video cards in each system for itself and some other non-material elements that could affect the FPS.
    In my opinion, as long as it is the same version of Directx, such changes should not be seen.

  8. You invest the money in the card better
    You'll get a far more significant improvement and avoid the shocking explosion called WIN 8.

  9. Thanks, but no thanks.
    Improving performance is not convincing. Certainly not so far beyond the horrors of win8. I was there, I returned. Glad I tried and even more glad I came back.
    See you in the next session.

  10. Or excellent I immediately pass - no! -.-
    You will move on to this horror
    And I'm not talking about interface and driver issues
    BF4 crashes there and there are endless problems.
    So please stop marketing .. ".."

  11. Win 8 Good System
    People have severe acclimation problems and they impose it on "excuses and monsters".

  12. It's best to invest in hardware
    And wait for the next system. Tradition has not changed - recommended system-not recommended system-recommended system etc.

  13. Stupid users
    They complained when 95 changed the interface
    They complained when XP changed the interface for them
    They pipe that 8.1 changed the interface for them

    So catch up .. The world is moving forward, and you are invited to stay behind, in the warm "familiar" feeling ...

    Who cares to spend 20 minutes learning the new interface - no longer looking back

  14. Windows 8-8.1 the best system so far
    It's not clear to me what the ant is. I don't know a single user who takes advantage of all their operating system functions (and it doesn't matter which one).
    Anyone not interested in "tiles" doesn't even have to see them. You can reach the desktop directly.
    About the start button - the free Classic shell feels and looks better than the original.
    If these are the problems of those who choose to stay under Windows earlier it is really sad.
    Computer people (gamers, for that matter) who work on their computer for so many hours a day are unable to mark V and install the (very small) free software?
    Say you have no power to reformat and reinstall everything. It would already make more sense.

  15. The system is really ugly
    These tiles are suitable for mobile phones and tablets and I don't really get along with a mouse,
    For those who really want to get a performance that will save it for a new video card.

  16. For all preachers about alternatives to the start button…
    Another moment, Mac users recommend installing windows with OSX custom themes. Please note, our problems with 8.1 do not add up to the rabbit button.

  17. The problem with 8
    They just ignored the users. Everyone has asked to return the start - yet they insist on not allowing it (repetition in 8.1 is fictitious, it does not contain the old software menu)
    That's why - I don't recommend anyone to upgrade. Let's hope that in the next version, they will give users what they need and not try to forcefully educate them into a new interface that is simply less good.

  18. Already + year
    Ever since Windows 8 was first released, I have moved my entire home [4 computer] to it. Today everyone is already 8.1 Peru

  19. Start the end
    I read the comments here on the start button, who knows when was the last time you clicked on it to press another button and move on to another menu… and more and more…

    For a change, I think it is excellent that Microsoft is implementing the "3 Depth" law, which means trying no more than 3 windows to agree in depth.

    I hate to be the one to tell you this but the fucking button with us from Windows 95 so go ahead and release it…
    I'm on a Windows 8.1 and that's fine, and after you use it a bit you realize you didn't do anything like that with this button and I promise you you'll have as long as any good Jewish mom for her button in a shirt that suddenly disappeared.


  20. To 15
    Let's spare the ugly words such as fools, because if so I can very successfully call you that.

    And just for example, I bought a new laptop and it already came with 8.1 activation, about two months I used this intuition and learned all the interface and options, and I'm one of those who learn quite fast about new technologies, and you know what? After about two months, I just couldn't stand this VAT anymore, so damn it from my new mobile and installed it on 7 activation, and yes, I now enjoy using my new mobile.

  21. "Vs." not "against"
    They are not in a fight, they are facing each other.

    As soccer games are supposed to say, but confusing.

  22. Most of your complaints are about the visual
    That with some installations and configurations, the 8.1 can be adapted to the usual ones from win7
    But for the system itself, for us the technicians are just a nightmare! I have often encountered a system that refuses to upload after an automatic update and the things that were done in win7 or xp no longer work with 8
    And countless other very frustrating things.

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