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Palit's 9600GT - First Photos

About two weeks ago, NVIDIA launched the first GeForce 9 video card,GeForce 9600GT, And we are already happy to give you a little taste of what is expected to arrive.

So, yes, you understand, the site's labs have the Sonic's Palit graphics card, which indicates better and quieter cooling than the rest of the cards in the market, but we'll come back later because the uniqueness of this model is the impressive supply of video and even audio connections Supports video card.

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Beyond the standard support for two DVI connections, the Palit GeForce 9600GT Sonic also offers HDMI video connections and, for the first time, the video connection that threatens to replace it,Display port, Which, like the HDMI connection, also offers support for the protection of digital content (HDCP), but is a leading technology, and not least because the Display Port standard provides high-resolution 2500 support over 1600 over a single connection, (DisplayPort Copy Protection) and the transmission of more information over cables that are longer than the HDMI standard.

In addition to video connections, the Palit GeForce 9600GT Sonic card also offers a digital audio connection called the professional language S / PDIF (Sony / Philips Digital Interconnect Format), enabling high quality audio transmission and multi-channel support.

As you can see from the attached pictures, all connections are at the back of the card, so they are most accessible and require no special installation, except for a simple cable connection. The only obvious downside to this is the need for a lot of space in the package, so anyone using the GeForce 9600GT Sonic will have to separate from the two expansion slots closest to that of the graphics card on the motherboard.

Since we want to leave something for the review that will be published soon, we note that the cooling Palit chose for the video card looks promising and it also refines the memories of the card, enabling the company to perform Of the memories in addition to that made to the core of the graphics card.

Our full impression and performance tests will soon be revealed in the full review, and in the meantime you are invited to enjoy additional images of the video card.


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  1. The refugee's end gave us a high quality and advanced ticket
    Where have you been all these years? You fell asleep…
    We just talked about you
    And here you are bringing a winning and tremendous product to you!

    I wanted to point out that the SONIC cooling is by far the more professional than described in the picture that this is their standard card model!

  2. Assaf, you're wrong
    This is the cooling that comes with the Sonic version. Take a look at the first picture, write a black-and-white name "Sonic".

    With me.

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