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New NVMe drives in the 2 terabytes market

The compact M.2 configuration receives a pair of additional models that are available at a nice maximum volume

A powerful tiny laptop sweeps millions in mass funding

Chinese GPD continues to refine its small computing line with the courteous help of the Indiegogo platform

Tiny and reliable mobile storage - cheap basil

High quality portable USB drives from Samsung and from SanDisk are now waiting for you at Amazon at a price that is hard to refuse

The future of laptops: Get to know the Dell XPS 7390

American company is not wasting even a minute - and is already launching the first luxury laptop offered by Ice Lake processors at 10 nm

Roman Empire of AMD

The Rome processors for the server market have officially launched - offering a real earthquake with unprecedented competitive prices

WD External Hard Drive 4 Hard Drive - at unbeatable price

After the wonderful opportunity to get a decent hard drive at a great price from Seagate, you have an equal opportunity to be renewed with a competitive and high quality Western Digital product

The deal is the most equal of all? 64GB of quality DDR4 memories at a tremendous price (updated)

Need a massive volume of dynamic memory in your system? This Amazon offer is definitely for you

Coming soon: 7 GB SSDs per second

Phison gives us a glimpse into the next generation of its SSD controllers, with performance that sounds almost fanciful

Gigabyte's first Radeon RX 5700 XT model was unveiled on Amazon

The long-awaited launches of unique versions of AMD Navi cards are fast approaching, and the first triple-cooled model even gets an early price tag in the online giant store

Storage Madness - The new drive that gets the most out of PCI-Express 4.0 technology

A company called Liqid utilizes eight recent Phison controllers to provide us with a product capable of reaching 24 GB speeds

Palit RTX 2070 Super JS Card in Review: Enduring Excellence

NVIDIA's popular Geforce RTX 2070 model gets the Super treatment and gets stronger - we checked how much the new king of the 500 dollar price tag is worth

New AMD and NVIDIA video cards at surprising prices

The British pound rate against the Israeli shekel continues to shrink - giving the opportunity to regenerate AMD Navi cards at decidedly price tags

Cheapest to date: 4 Terabyte External Hard Drive at no VAT (updated)

Seagate mechanical drive is available for purchase for less than NIS 300 - and you should hurry before the inventory is hijacked

Get to know Razer's new-old mouse

One of the early popular models of the gaming company comes back to life with featherweight

Coming soon: New AMD gaming cards for the high market

The chip development CEO has confirmed that the Navi family will be expanding soon - with more powerful models that can finally pressure the competitor

Gigabyte Geforce RTX 2080 SUPER video card in review

NVIDIA's Geforce RTX 2080 gets refreshed - and we took the refreshed model for a ride to gauge the extra performance it gets for the price

The network is disappointed: Intel video cards will not be offered for $ 200

Incorrect translation of an interview with the head of the graphic processing division at the company created waves on the network - and resulted in an official response clarifying the situation

Micron SSD drives at great deals

Whether you need an 2.5-inch SATA drive or need a medium-sized, compact NVMe drive - Micron's Crucial brand has something to offer you

Mechanical or solid state: A variety of storage products at great discounts

External mechanical hard drive, tiny external SSD and large-volume internal SSD - all expect you now across the retina

Cheap but proper? Patriot's new budget SSD drive

American company launches a series of budget drives with controllers from Silicon Motion and Maxio Technology - and recommended prices that are already lower than most products in stores

Radeon RX 5700 models with enhanced cooling - even at no extra cost

Representatives of PowerColor have stated that they will offer their own RX 5700 XT models with their own design and cooling, even at no extra charge beyond the base set by AMD

Meet Intel's first 11 processors in Ice Lake

11 The first portable Ice Lake models in the 10 nm era are officially unveiled with an updated switching method and surprising scale innovations

The power of the Ryzen: Acer based AMD laptop at a great price

Taiwanese company Swift 3 model based on AMD processor gets aggressively cut in price

Dawn of new manufacturing process: Intel has begun delivering 10 nm chips to its customers

The future of the Ice Lake generation is now beginning - and competition in the processor market is about to intensify and intensify

Intel SSD drive on 2 terabytes, now for less than 780

The common 660p model continues to shatter storage market records