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See movies and series without account: The full guide to the Kodi software

Everything you need to know about the software and app that brings video content to your computer and smartphone without the need for a monthly fee

Looking for a laptop? Do not get lost Guide to Buying a Laptop

Getting involved in buying a laptop? Do not know which model suits you and how to choose? This guide will make you order

Looking for a gaming machine? Do not get lost Guide to buying a gaming computer

Planning to buy a gaming machine? You've come to the right place. In this guide you will be ordered and see how you can get the most value for your money

Without Rip Your Pocket: A Guide To Buying A Laptop For Graphic Editing

Planning a laptop purchase for graphic editing? You've come to the right place. In this guide we will arrange you and guide you to the perfect laptop

Get the best out of your SSD drives: the complete guide

The speed and reliability of SSDs has already penetrated the market, and almost everyone has its own product in this technology. Let's learn how to maintain them and make sure they work the best possible way

Arduino 101: The Complete Beginners Guide

Thinking of diving into the Arduino world but not knowing where to start? Get the guide that will give you some order in the mess

Black Friday Special Operations

The big day is already here, and it's your time to buy gadgets, electronics and hardware at good prices - with our help

Black Friday is already here

We've picked up a list of interesting and worthwhile deals from Amazon's stores around the globe

The five best laptops in Israel: winter edition 2015-2016

HWzone Year: These are the top five mobile devices you can find in Israel, as of January 2016

Let your fingers go where you are: the full guide to keyboard shortcuts

Did you know? The amount of time you can save with keyboard shortcuts in the workspace may be up to half of it. Get to know the little tricks that will make your life easier

SQL Guide - Query language for databases

Content is the basis for any place where users gather. Content is the one that attracts users to various services. Whether it's a fascinating book, a recipe site, a scary movie or a computer game with an interesting plot.

The complete guide to branding and video card models

In this tutorial you will learn how branded video cards are, how to distinguish between the stronger and the weaker, and what all the blown names and additions behind the video card versions of the market's range of vendors say

We checked: Intel's tiny computer - palm power

We took a look at Intel's nook machine, and were amazed at how powerful a tiny computer might be

Do you have a Samsung Evo 840 drive and feel slow? There is a reason, and there is also a solution

A bug in Samsung's popular SSD series causes a significant drop in read speed after several months of use - and now the company is distributing an update that promises to fix the situation

Raspberry Pi 2 is here: improved hardware, 10 windows and a $ 35 $ tag only

The famous Raspberry Pi computer gets a significant update with new hardware that doubles its performance by 6 compared to its previous generation, in addition to support for 10 windows and a funny price tag of 35 dollars

Get the most out of your SSD

In the spirit of the SSD acquisition, we decided to publish a brief guide for you on how to configure your SSDs to make the most of them.

Core i7 5960X Audit: The most powerful desktop processor in the world

We took a look at Intel's newest processor - Core i7 5960X Extreme processor with 8 cores

Arduino 101 - The Complete Guide to Engines

All you need to know about using engines based on the Arduino controllers in one detailed guide

Connect to the wholesale market: VDSL router is being marketed in Israel (updated)

The new TP-Link router is available for purchase in Israel, and will enable you to connect both to Bezeq's infrastructure, to the cable infrastructure and to the fiber infrastructure of the Israel Electric Corporation

Black Friday 2017: Concentration of operations

Do not miss out on the biggest gadgets, hardware and technology offerings of the year

Data that may predict the death of your hard drive

The Backblaze backup company has investigated 40,000 SMART monitoring data and hard drives and presents five data that may help you discover, prematurely, when your drive will fail

The computer-on-the-USB drive of Intel comes to the shops, hijacked as hot cakes

A few months after Chipzilla officially announced its tiny and impressive Compute Stick computer, it landed in online stores - at winking prices that help inventory disappear in less than 24 hours

Anti-Aliasing - The quick guide to smoothing jagged edges in games

Many times gamers find themselves encountering anti-aliasing (AA) in games and do not quite know what to choose - the names are confusing, the effects are different and so is the impact on performance. We are here to make you order about the various types of advanced filter so that you can choose wisely the effect that best suits you

Core i7 Processor 4790K: The overclocking that everyone was waiting for

Intel's new Core i7 4790K processor from the Devil's Canyon series is entirely built for overclocking and performance. Does he keep his promises? We checked

Concentration of Cyber ​​Mundy operations on the Net

The craze of online shopping continues at full strength