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A decade of mobile devices - from an ugly block to a tactician

The mobile phone market is perhaps the market that has undergone the most changes, and today a mobile phone is synonymous with the PC. Does any of you remember what 10 years ago? Here is a short tour of the time tunnel back to the keys and a black and white display

Welcome to 2001: Most of you are hanging around in your pocket with the new and innovative Nokia mobile phone, 3310, and dream about the Nokia 8310 or even the Nokia 5510. Mainly talking about the Ericsson R380 or the Communicator Series of Communicators , And a tablet ... what's that ?!

It is amazing to see how the ultra-mobile device market has developed over the last decade - perhaps more than any other market in the technological world. From 16 shades of gray we have come to huge touch screens that show brighter colors than the ones we saw on the pretty acid at 69. A number of phones with 50 records have moved to a permanent connection to , And any other software you can think of - straight into the vein. From the breaking of records at Sonic, we moved to the wide-ranging epic of war, also known as Angry Birds, and WAP textual sites have been integrated into third and fourth generation networks that do everything, anywhere and in any situation (except when you're out of battery).
Nokia 3310 - everyone had
In 2001, did anyone believe that in 10 years we would all be using our cell phones and not remember what buttons and what to do with them? That the operating system of a few guys from Palo Alto would be the one to control the world of smart devices? Did anyone imagine The favorite uncle selling Macs Will head a giant empire of mobile devices? We think not.
Many things we have seen and learned over the past decade: And the Palm taught us that plump, black cubes with a lot of buttons are a hit with guys who are clothed and busy.
Nokia has taught us that a game console and a mobile phone, N-Gage for you, are two things that do not exactly go together (just do not tell Sony Ericsson, Play is going to shatter sales records).
Nokia 8310 - everyone wanted
RAZR devices Show the world that a thin, hollow design (in 2004 as you thought it) is as important as functionality or spelling.
Then came Apple
In 2007 came Apple ... and changed everything. Yes, we know you've heard it a million times before, but we have no choice but to admit it - the iPhone may not have reinvented the wheel, but its enormous popularity has made it an inspiration for most of the smartphones we see today.
Nokia continued to teach us Important lessons for life, Showing over the years lines of technologically backward and expensive devices that made it and its Symbian system from the empire of the kingdom to the court jugglers of the smartphone world, while Samsung and Apple pass her on the way up and giggle slightly.
In the year 2010 Apple has been able to translate the tremendous success of the iPhone devices into the world of tablets with The iPad, Which made the enterprise market gray To a booming market Which attracts all the giant companies (and then most of them experience a magnificent failure, at least for the time being).
Palm - Once upon a time
Such for business people
This year we officially arrived at "The era of dual cores", Sponsored by , Qualcomm, And friends. A preliminary claim with Its Optimus 2X, She did it with a double blow with The Xoom and the Atrix smartphone, and now there are not many manufacturers in the market who still do not offer dual handsets . In the coming months, we expect to see dual handsets Even faster, and by the beginning of next year the market is expected to enter a new world - the "quadratic era of cores."
The Palm PC
Today's smartphone and tablet market is unlike anything we have seen in the past - sophisticated devices that combine impressive processing power with a design that makes it hard to take their eyes off them like rubbing in a battalion after two weeks in the field, and which threaten to turn the pile of iron and plastic we call " Only in the history books.
Not only does the PC need to feel threatened by the trend of smartphones and tablets - these devices are hiding a slew of tricks in the sleeve, and are already able to replace music players, PMP players, Games, netbooks and even digital cameras and cameras .
The idea is true, the performance is less
Google is approaching its day Will operate more than half of the smartphones And tablets with its Android system, Apple is the largest tablet and smartphone manufacturer in the world, Microsoft dreams of flourishing with the help of Nokia and - Phone 7, and RIM (BlackBerry maker) are beginning to realize that people are no longer enthusiastic about QWERTY keyboards as they used to be.
These days, it seems The biggest battle The world of smartphones is between Apple and Samsung - iPhone 4 in front of the - S2, while in the background HTC, Motorola, And others also enjoy fairly reasonable success.
What awaits us in the future?
As befits a market that is developing at a dizzying pace, what will happen in the future is a very difficult question to answer. Google will try to take over the entire market with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich system (and this without mentioning Motorola's acquisition), RIM will try to do something similar with the QNX system and Microsoft hopes to become You Windows 8 The ideal system for tablets.
Even on the hardware front, the situation is not much different. Promising to have quad-core ARM chips by the end of the year, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments are expected to join it early next year, Apple, Samsung and LG are also plotting something, Is aimed at the tablet market and Intel promises to leave many mouths open with its Medfield and Silvermont chips (and the MeeGo system).
Flexible screens, Retina resolutions, NFC chips, ultra-fast 4G networks, wireless charging - these are just some of the technologies that wait patiently until it's time to storm the world of ultra- .
In general, there seems to be no company Who does not dream of becoming the darling of this market. We will not try to guess who will succeed in realizing their dreams and who will fall and bang their faces on the floor - meanwhile we are rubbing our hands with pleasure and enjoying the competition.
And today these two are trying to win our sympathy


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