All Intel innovations in one place

A tour of the CES 2018 chipset at the CES XNUMX showcases the great change in direction it has undergone in these years

after The opening event is full of varied innovations, We came to have a look at the booth of the company At the Las Vegas Grand Show, where visitors could look at some of the things they talked about on the big stage - and it was as interesting a visit as we had with the new generation PCs, just before they were revealed to everyone.

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The best show in town

The LED tunnel and the 5G generation

Except for the stage on which works created by an artificial intelligence system were played, without human intervention, Was apparently the electronic tunnel that it created - to present to its participants the reasons why the fifth generation on its way is exactly what we need: Smart cars that will communicate with each other and warn of accidents, Large that covers the entire city, Applied Multiplayer with immediate response times that can revolutionize school and the Enlightenment world.

Feel like wisdom

Intel has become one of the most prominent leaders in the field of smart vehicles with the acquisition of Mobilay, and was concerned to mention this through a pair of demos designed to allow people to understand what "thinks" and what a car sees in the new era - Which presented what sensors see but can not see a human eye while traveling, while a second display was a semi-transparent acrylic car model through which you can see the operation of the various sensors that are built in real products, hidden and hidden from users.

Anatomy of a car

In addition, a new sample of the BMW 7 series with semi-autonomous systems (currently only available in some 40 models around the world, some of which are in Israel) was also available at the booth, which will enable participation in the worldwide project designed to perform high quality mapping A precedent for roads and roads, for the improvement of autonomous technologies and technologies for assistance to drivers.

The quantum processor of the New Age

Intel has announced that it has transferred an advanced quantum processor and the first of its kind for the company, has 49 active qubit units, a research institute with which it cooperates - and allowed visitors to take a look at the model of To understand just how huge it is in relation to all the "simple" processors we know, or even compared to the previous quantum processors of the company that contained less than half the amount of qubits in them. This whole area is still in its initial stages - which is what makes it even more exciting and intriguing.

Learn to drive in virtual reality

Virtual reality technologies starred in the space of Not only in the context of the upcoming Olympics, but also in practical and professional applications - such as advanced simulators for driving studies, both for simple users and for users who need to experience a challenging and dangerous environment without having to risk physically, such as cops who need to specialize in driving in pursuit.

When gaming and reality begin to mingle

Olympiad through virtual reality glasses

Intel has become a major technology partner of the upcoming Winter Olympics, which will begin early next month in February - and this means not only advanced cameras that will allow us to see reruns at 360 degrees as can already be done at other major sports events, but also a variety of games and other interactive experiences Sports that will be at the center of the event - surfing games based , As well as organizing competitions E-games StarCraft 2 and Steep which will be an official part of the Olympic, for the first time in history.

Olympic Games

Spend time with artificial intelligence

Another exciting demonstration at the booth allowed visitors to enjoy a virtual mask that was projected on their faces, dynamically and in real time, with the possibility of tracking the movement of the person in space. This light application was made possible thanks to the systems But it is a hint of the much more serious and important features of this technology - with stunning and fast detection and tracking systems for monitoring, verification, and security.

Has anyone ever made a change?

The following is one example of a variety of stands at the stand, which shows the face recognition capabilities of the From Movidius subsidiary, in practice based on a scene from a movie.

Another unique visual demonstration of the technology called Saffron, which is supposed to alert and map suspicious actions carried out in branched banking networks - based on computational learning and artificial intelligence, of course.

10 nanometer chips have been mentioned

The company's new generation lithograph did receive little attention at the stand itself - where the company representative confirmed that it had indeed delivered its first chips based on the production process at 10 nm just before the end of 2017, Which she promised.

We keep holding fingers for your arrival

We have no further information about the capabilities of the products in question (according to rumors on the Internet these are basic models of the Internet world of things), but this is probably another tiny step on the way to the long-awaited day at which we finally get the launch of the chips. and the-, With a density of transistors that can be as high as 3 from everything we have received from the company to date.

Even personal computers were there of course - meanwhile "only" with chips New

The skippers make happy

Outside the conference hall, opposite one of the largest and most well-known hotels in Sin City in Nevada, she presented Another of her new areas of expertise - In general, and performances Mass and sophisticated in particular. The company brought 250, its shooting stars, who have already performed commercial shows in some of the world's most famous places (the Walt Disney World and the Sydney Opera House) and staged colorful air shows for the enjoyment of passersby. Why? Probably just because she can.

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