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A glimpse into AMD's new-era products coming in 2016

The light at the end of the losses? B- Announce that they have completed the major production processes for their 14 and 16 nanometer products, and promise to see them in the market next year

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As part of the very unhappy investors' call from Sunnyvale for the second quarter of 2015, it found that it had already received the first ready-made chips (so-called tape-out) for its next-generation products, intended to arrive in 2016 based on new production technologies And advanced. Is it from here to All that remains is to rise?

According to all the latest information, it appears that Continue with its current approach in the new generation as well - integrated APU processors and processors will be manufactured by Globalfoundries based on their 14 nm process, while graphical cores will be produced by longtime partner TSMC based on their 16 nm process. Both processes are based on FinFET transistors, ensuring a significant improvement in all parameters compared to the 28 nanometer lithographs on which all products of the In recent years.


In the processor segment, it is widely believed that we will see the " The company's new reach comes first and foremost for enterprise server products, but it may appear that 2016 also reaches the CPUs for the high performance market - as a successor to the older FX processors. However, it seems likely that the architecture of the Next year's APU products are pretty low too - and this will only happen during 2017, when 2016 will have to settle for another generation based on the latest evolution of the bulldozer architecture, called Excavator.


In the graphics card sector it seems that the situation is interesting and even more promising. According to reports to Has the first right on chips The fast and advanced HBM - and most importantly The Next Generation , Which promises even more volume and even more speed in that tiny package.

AMD is preparing to launch a new generation under the code name Arctic Islands, which will consist mostly of core architecture and updated HBM - Maybe (HBM2), and new HBM16 memories for the leading models (which will supposedly continue to operate under the Fury brand), all based on the new XNUMX Nanometer As stated, and will give us a chance to see a technological leap that has not been seen here since the jump between 40 and NAM to 28 nm somewhere in 2010.

The HBM technology will continue to be the Big Ace of , Next year too?


For dessert, as we have already reported in Have confirmed that they have begun developing a third custom chip in a number, probably for Nintendo's new generation console. Beyond the fact that this move marks an almost complete convergence of all home consoles to personal computers at the level of architecture, it may also greatly strengthen the basis of , Which already makes several hundred million dollars a quarter thanks to chips it supplies to And - 4 - assuming that the new Nintendo console is more like the The mega is successful, and less like the U shuffling.

Three steps on the way to recovery - or defeat
Three steps on the road to recovery - or to the downfall

The year 2016 appears as a key year of , Which shows whether the technologies developed by the company over the past two years have indeed been able to regain its competitiveness - or whether they will not be able to stop its dangerous deterioration, and will in fact be another bet on a horse (by the bulldozer repair) that may drag it out From its loss-making occupations.

We'll hold fingers to And to the continued competitiveness in the consumer computing market, which depends mainly on it and its position down the road.

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