A glimpse of the most powerful APU: Ryzen 7 4700G unveiled on the • HWzone network

A glimpse of the most powerful APU: Ryzen 7 4700G unveiled on the web

After three generations, she was satisfied Only budget models for the stationary market which include Structured Graphics - Generation The fourth is supposed to bring the news that will pose a significant challenge to Intel in one of its major strongholds

Latest mobile processors In the series 4000 have been able to surprise us significantly, both in their performance - and in a single piece of silicon-based architecture, which is a significant change compared to the chipset. The modern desktops (divided into pieces with different production processes), with the obvious advantage of staying in communication between the processing cores and their efficiency.

It is now widely believed that in the coming months, we will see the chip developer translate the mobile application into the stationary market as well, with new APU models incorporating a core Graphic built-in - and according to the network's hints in this round the supply will be much richer and interesting.

An octagonal model that corresponds to the Ryzen 7 4700G is observed in several different locations, almost simultaneously, and is currently emerging as the flagship product of the future APU family - eight physical Zen 2 cores (and 16 logical cores thanks to SMT technology) at a basic operating frequency of 3.6GHz capable of reaching up to 4.4GHz, under a formal 65W thermal casing, with memory support At 3,200MHz as default and with core Built-in with 8 processing clusters and 512 execution units in total, all in an advanced 7 nm manufacturing process.

Initial appearance of the 7 4700G, in the Ashes of the Singularity game selection repository - and updates continue to flow at an impressive rate

Unfortunately, despite the shift to an increased power casing compared to mobile processors, there does not appear to be an increase in the processing cores in the built-in graphics unit - but there will also be an increase in operating frequency, which should bring the Ryzen 7 4700G graphical performance beyond the 2,000GFLOPS threshold. Assuming that there is truth and accuracy in reporting and data, the Vega core in the leading desktop APU processor will be almost twice as powerful as the most powerful Iris Plus core In its Ice Lake processors, and four times as powerful (!) Of UHD Graphics 4 cores as can be found in most of today's desktop desktops .

The graphical processing capabilities are not expected to be an extreme leap compared to the Ryzen 5 3400G which includes Graphics with 11 processing clusters - but this is still expected to be the most powerful built-in core around, with a significant improvement in efficiency and operating frequencies with the blessed 7 nm transition Photo source: videocardz.com

Network leaks predict the real possibility of getting over 10 different G models in the new generation, with four, six and eight cores of Zen 2 (some are expected to come with SMT support and some without this technology, similar to mobile models) and with built-in Vega cores with five , Six, seven or eight active processing clusters at varying frequencies - all of which would be a welcome development compared to the Ryzen 3000 Generator mode, where we only satisfied eight APU models, two of which are from the Budget, four of the Pro Series for the corporate market and only two of the brand For home consumers, with four cores processed as the maximum possible.

Is the unified architecture of the Renoir family APU models a clue to what is also expected of us in the Ryzen 4000 processors that come without graphics cores, but with the core processing cores 3?

We do not yet know when the first models of the Ryzen 4000 desktop will be launched, and we do not yet know what chipset will support the new APU models (which are different in architecture without Ryzen 4000 models Graphically, which will be based on cores 3) - But there is no doubt that all the technical details that we have at this point paint a very optimistic and interesting picture, so we will certainly continue to follow closely and give you as many relevant updates as possible.

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