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Special offer: GeForce GTX 970 for NIS 1270 (update: finished)

Amazon's operations do not cease to surprise us, this time with a particularly attractive cost to the popular video card that comes From Gainward

Want to upgrade to the most popular gaming card on the market today? Now you have a very good opportunity to do so.

Amazon Germany has launched an operation for the next 24 hours only, in which it offers The GeForce GTX 970 is a fairly standard model from Gainward, At a cost of only 294 EUR including VAT, taxes and direct shipping to Israel.

This is a price that translates to NIS 1,270 - and cheaper than NIS 300 from the best price of the specific model that exists here in Israel, ie a discount of about 20 percent. We have nothing left but to highly recommend you for this deal - And take advantage of it before the end of the current day (Friday, the 8 in April), after which it will no longer be available.



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  1. The beauty of a ticket at this price provided that no warranty is required because there is no international warranty.

  2. Look at this Ross Berman from Facebook with a cover photo of AMD Radeon, come here to drop on HWzone, Nvidia and the surfers. So ...

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