A huge fire broke out at one of the Hynix facilities

A huge fire broke out at one of Hynix's facilities

Yesterday afternoon (local time) a massive fire broke out at the plant's manufacturing facility SK Hynix In the city Wuxi Which is in China
More and more reports are flowing about the development of the event, in which massive fire developed and thick black smoke appears to rise above one of the plants HynixBy the way, this is not the first time a massive fire has broken out in one of the factories Hynix, In February 2008 broke out a fire in a production facility of the company located in Korea.
Sources say that apparently a huge chemical explosion occurred at the facility and that the damaged device is the device responsible for manufacturing the GDDR10 memory for the giant graphics processors .

Hynix is ​​responsible for the production of approximately 30% of the memories in the field, and now it will probably lose about half of its production. As a result, global production decreased by 15% in the production of such memories. In addition, the situation may affect the overall price of flash memory rather than the price of memory.DRAM, Since the factory's recent preference is for memories NAND .

It is not immediately clear how much the event will affect the prices of the flash memory, which we would not want, we will wait for more reports and hope that the prices of the flash memory will not be affected.


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  1. I agree with Daniel, have pity on the PJ
    You buy memory, new technology without thinking that for this one million millions of homeless slave Chinese living under the 10 living room in a shared bathroom.

    And for what? Shnofar, who is from Ramat Aviv, will have a computer to talk to her friend Hama on Facebook.

    Only prices interest you, because you didn't mention the poor people who probably died.

  2. The plant produces employment
    I also agree with the matter of the slaves there.
    But if not the factory? Will they be better? I do not think so.

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