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Lightweight, Hard and Prestigious Hybrid Mobile: HP Introduces Elite Dragonfly

The American manufacturer declares my life Up to 24.5 hours for its fresh product and enjoyment - with 50 charging a percentage of capacity back in just half an hour

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Computers In hybrid configuration, with touch screen and fold axis that rotates 360 degrees to provide some new non-existing usage configurations on computers "Classic" continues to gain popularity and threatens to become the new default of the entire market sooner or later - and that includes the business world of computing, which embraces technology despite being perceived as very conservative. Company Claiming to offer the lightest 13-inch hybrid for organizations and business people - with its new and impressive Elite Dragonfly model.

The Dragonfly is another product that adopts the Athena project , Which is designed to set the guidelines for the next generation of lightweight and lightweight mobile phones, despite the fact that it is based on Whiskey Lake generation processors inAnd not the processors Innovative at 10 nm

A business model designed to make everyone around jealous

On the device you will find a 13.3 inch touchscreen with an 1080p or 4K resolution IPS panel, all in Gorilla Glass 5 protective casing, eighth-generation Core processors starting with the Core i3-8145U dual-core and ending with the Core i7-8665-3X Welded on 8GB or 16GB motherboard, 128GB and 2TB SSDs based storage (with option to integrate with Optane accelerators of In some configurations), Bang & Olufsen square speaker array, 802.11ax dual-channel Wi-Fi connectivity with option for LTE modem, connection pair 3, Lots of Options Suitable for a business computer and 38 watt-hour battery which should allow for easy working hours with fast charging support.

Quite a picture, in Don't specify how much the enlarged battery model will weigh - but it's likely to be a pretty competitive figure, much like the base version

All of these features will be available in a metal casing that successfully passed the 19 Military MIL-STD-810G standard for toughness and operation in challenging environmental conditions - while maintaining a weight of 990 grams and a maximum thickness of just over 16 millimeters. You will also offer another model of the Elite Dragonfly with an enlarged 56 watt-hour battery that will last up to 24.5 working hours, presumably maintaining the same external dimensions, but with slightly increased weight.

Very nice specs - though a processor choice Might have made it even more cool to our liking. Maybe in the next incarnation?

HP plans to market its Dragonfly in blue only, starting this month - and at a massive starting price of 1,550 dollars with i5 square, drive Of 128GB and LPDDR3 memory of 8GB. A top model with the most advanced screen and maximum memory volume is likely to approach (or maybe even cross) twice the cost of the base version, leaving only to wish that as many of you have the financial ability to enjoy this interesting technological creation.

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