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Lightweight: The 850 G notebook is available for purchase

Direct competitor of To- The new one comes to the stores - with a lot of relative advantages, but also a pretty high price tag

The weight of the laptop is not necessarily the most important feature for it, but it is nevertheless very impressive to see modern devices breaking all the records with dimensions that redefine the term mobility. Two months ago it was Apple's new MacBook Which made headlines Thanks to the weight of less than a kilogram and the success of compressing the screen 12 inches to the body dimensions of netbooks, and now these are the new LaVie (In collaboration with NEC of Japan), which offer a new world record for weight In the 13.3 inch category - and by far the competition.


The LaVie Z, Which was originally revealed At the CES 2015 exhibition, Offers an 13-inch 2,560 × 1,440 pixel screen and a magnesium-lithium alloy that allows it to reach an almost impossible weight of about 850 grams. Surprisingly, it's a little higher than what we initially promised (as little as 780 grams) - but still, it's still the most impressive data we've seen for 13 inches to date, and as low as 70 made from the spoken bottle of Which offers an "12" screen only.

Despite the tiny weight, LaVie Z does not use In ultra-efficient Core M processors Intel's - but compresses into it Broadwell Core Core i7-5500U Processor, This plus the RAM of 8GB, storage-based 256GB, 802.11ac, Wi-Fi connectivity system 8.1 and 6 cells with capacity of 44 watts-hour.

If that's not enough, the LaVie Z also bypasses the number of connections it offers, with a pair of USB 3.0 inputs, an HDMI port and even an expansion slot for SD cards - as opposed to the lone (and infamous, notable) USB 3.1 Type C connection Ultra compact laptop .

The LaVie is not only light but also very thin, with a profile of only 17 millimeters throughout, despite the considerable hardware inside

Alongside the standard LaVie Z, there will also be a version of the yoga fragrance that answers the name LaVie Z 360, With the same technical data as the original model, plus a touchscreen and a spindle that rotates in 360 degrees, allowing additional usage modes as a stand-up tablet or tablet for all intents and purposes. Naturally, this addition adds weight to the device - but even in this case it is only about 920 grams, which is the weight of the bottle (the smaller screen, as mentioned, not touch screen) and still lower than any Which includes a touch screen of the same size.


Like Lenovo's Lenovo ThinkPad, the Lavie offers a restrained business design that does not want to stand out too much - which, of course, does not detract from the size of their engineering achievement
Similar to the ThinkPad laptops , The LaVie devices also offer a restrained business design that doesn't want to stand out too much - which, of course, doesn't diminish the size of their engineering feat

The price of the LaVie Z will not be low - 1,500 dollars for the regular model and 1,700 dollars for the 360 Z model, but those who are interested in Ultrebook who can replace His mobility will probably see a proper investment here. The others can wait a bit longer, as more basic models with less storage space, memory volume And simpler processors are supposed to be in the barrel.

Amazing is unnecessary? You are welcome to tell us what you think.


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  1. What is the battery time?
    How will it work a year later on OS updates?
    How will it function under 10 windows?
    Buying a Windows-based laptop now is a mistake, until you reach Windows 10.

  2. Really interesting battery time with such a processor and such FF ... What is the mistake of buying a mobile based windows? Microsoft launched the 3 surface with 8.1 windows yesterday and it is a nice device (which will only be better with 10 windows).

  3. Battery time should not be bad This is a computer with the most economical processor Add to ssd package without mechanical parts Powerless and of course no small screen 13 inch should not but go know until you check the issue is not known Even if the manufacturer declares 10 hours can not be trusted so

  4. Really there is no hint of a difference between a mobile that weighs 850 a pound and a bit. It is precisely the yoga that turns into a tablet that can benefit from losing that weight.

  5. I have a Sony VAIO PRO 13 that weighs less than a kilo and with the I7 processor.

    It cost almost $ 1500 and that's a computer beauty as long as it works ... because it started to have problems after a year of use.
    It's good to know that computers are made in this style, because Sony no longer manufactures laptops.

  6. Finally improvements of the previous models :)
    Anyone have any idea when will he go to stores in Israel?

  7. Ugly but practical. No matter my short battery life. If I were Malian I would buy it without blinking. Whole tablet weighing a tablet. : t2819:

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