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A new and impressive speed record for the Intel Skylake generation

Get to know the new speeding record that joins the never-ending list, this time for a CPU 4GHz to 7GHz is stable, with quite a few means on the way to the target

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For any hardware product that comes into the market, whether it's a processor, , And even more (although on a much lower level of fire) a group of overkluckers from around the world is gathering, some of them known in the community and some of them anonymous, but the common denominator is the same: to be the one that takes the highest speed out of a specific hardware component.

This peak day belongs to Skylake processors, and if we become more specific, the strongest among them, i7 6700K that comes in 4 gigahertz operating frequency. The peak is 7,025.66 megahertz, and it belongs to Hong Kong-based Hong Kong-based chi koi lam. And he's not alone.

They do not take any measures
Do not hesitate in their efforts to squeeze a few more mega-runners into the frequency of the action

Immediately following are a pair of German overclockers bearing the nicknames Der8auer and Dancop, with both having some pockets in their pocket. The duo, which has even reached more than 7 gigahertz and failed, finished in second place with a "total" of 7,007.85MHz megahertz, just below that of Qi Koi Lam.

The proud Oberkeloker did not reject the means he used: Nitrogen at a temperature of 160 ° C for the ambitious work voltage of the Volt 4.032. With an 1,300 Watts power supply from Antec, 4 GHz efficient Trillent-Z 170 GHz chip and ZXNUMXM OC Formula Motherboard .

Peak frequency as photographed via CPU-Z
Peak frequency as photographed via CPU-Z

7 GHz frequency working at 4 Volt voltage can certainly seem too ambitious for regular overclockers, who usually settle for 4.6 GHz, up to 5 GHz for more advanced water coolers, from the rush process Getting more and more complicated. However, Qi Koi Lam's glory days are likely to be relatively short - after all, records were born to break.


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