Rare opportunity: 4GB DDR16 memory at VAT-free price (updated)

The original article: The price of dynamic memories in online stores continues to decline - and there are also impressive opportunities to buy tickets To expand your storage on smartphones and tablets

Want to expand the storage space on your computer system or build a new one? Now they have the opportunity to do so at a significantly lower price than anything we have seen so far, thanks to our online international store .

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G.Skill's Aegis Memory Module, 4GB and 16MHz - It is offered for only NIS 264, which is below the Israeli exemption from VAT, so that the final price along with the home delivery is NIS 304, which is a very difficult deal to ignore. Of a couple As well as the advantages of speed and volume of dual-channel memory - if you need 32GB of Or even more, this is your chance.

Lowest price around for 16GB - and we hope that soon this precedent will become a new routine in the field, and will allow much greater selection and flexibility for consumers

Other interesting deals that are available online right now include approxSamsung microSD expandable microSD cards for 256GB And at a price of 47.04 USD only, including shipping to Israel, ie, NIS 175 XANDXGB UltraSD microSD card The final price of 75.11 includes shipping, which is approximately NIS 275.

Those who need the maximum volume available today, still at a very good price - can choose Lexar microSD card with 512GB and support for the advanced A2 App Performance standard For 132.89, including VAT and shipping, 485 is the lowest cost to this day.

Cards With an insane volume of one terabyte, is expected to reach the stores in the coming months - and meanwhile the current volume of the volume continues to fall in price levels

Finally, we will mention again the 660p Intel SSD drives, which continue to break all the records in the NVME category - now with a final price of 77.43 USD (approximately NIS 285) To the volume of 512GB, The price of 143.59 dollars (520 shekels) To one terabyte volume And the price of 266.2 dollars (NIS 965) To inflate 2 terabytes. Cheaper than most SATA drives anywhere.

updating: SanDisk's SSD Plus is the cheapest to date in the half-terabyte volume category - 480GB at a final price of 57.58 USD Including delivery to the house, ie only NIS 210.