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A rare opportunity: Drive a Samsung 860 EVO in terabyte capacity for less than 500

Interested in the discount of NIS 200 on the model Popular from the giant Korean company? It's time to go to Amazon Italy before the stock is hijacked

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There are a very large number of drives High quality products sold in stores, but it is difficult to argue with the statement that those of the company In most cases offer the highest reliability and stability - usually at an increased price that matches the reputation and brand.

Fortunately, the network sometimes gives you opportunities to get all these benefits at a price that does not rip your pocket - which is what is happening right now in the Italian Amazon, Where the SATA model can be purchased in the traditional 2.5 EVO 860 EVO configuration Popular and popular at a real bargain price for 1TB volume.

The drive is offered at a base cost of EUR 110, or EUR 120.51 including Israeli VAT (after the European VAT reduction) and delivery to the home - only NIS 485, which is at least NIS 200 discount compared to the model prices in the local stores. This is not yet the cheapest terabyte drive, but if you're interested in a product It is a big doubt if you will find a better offer.

Which exhaust the capabilities of the SATA3 interface, in any setting and in any situation

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