A little glimpse into the new generation of mobile devices
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A small glimpse into a new generation of mobile

A familiar Twitter teller provides us with documentation of a future PC - the ninth generation CPU processor And an intermediate generation card Of NVIDIA

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2019 is moving forward, and it seems that very soon we will be able to meet new processors and graphics cards not only in the fixed-line world, but also in the mobile world -.

TUM_APISAK reputable leach published The finding in question, which records a laptop based on the Core i7-9750H processor new generation of And a graphics card GTX 1650, which has not yet been launched for the fixed market, but will reach the mobile world soon, it turns out.

A few juicy details about what is expected of us in the coming months in the market

The Core i7-9750H processor was also mentioned in official documents from within Recently, when it was estimated that it would belong to an elite group of models that would offer eight physical processing cores for the mobile market for the first time, the current leak seems to be a six-core physical model and HyperThreading technology for 12 logical cores, i7-8750H but with a based base frequency of 2.6GHz instead of 2.2GHz. Is this just an error in identifying the program or models with eight processing cores will only be available at the top price levels, i9-9980HK? We will continue to follow.

List of exposed processors on the site - Includes i7-9750H This is the starring in the current leak

On the other hand, the GeForce GTX 1650 is expected to be the most basic model in the world of Turing in the foreseeable future, with 1,024 CUDA units, dynamic memory of the good old GDDR4 5GB and a basic operating frequency of 1,400MHz (which will supposedly only be lower than the base frequency 100MHz) In the stationary version of the graphics card), if you rely on documentation from 3DMark. Can we hope for a level Of the GTX 1060 laptop computers cheaper and thinner than ever before? The answers may be revealed this coming April, or a little later.

Another recent leak also features a mobile version of the GTX 1660 Ti launched into the stationary market - alongside a quad core processor from That perhaps at last it will be able to gain some momentum in this world

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