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A small addition to the price, a huge addition to the memory speed: GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER

Video card next Receives recommended price and full formal details, before the festive launch next week

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The fresh GDDR6 memories have proven outstanding in the graphics card world, with sane prices that allow you to create competitive products, parallel and even lower power consumption than the GDDR5 memories and tens of percent speeds that help solve one of the potential bottlenecks Most in the system. To our delight, it seems that company too Convinced of the utility of the modern standard - and plans to integrate it with more budget products in the Her, really soon.

Reports of the existence of the card GTX 1660 SUPER, the first upgraded part of the GTX family of the era, Have already appeared weeks ago - and now we have all the relevant technical information about it, plus an official launch date due next week.

Various models of the GTX 1660 SUPER have already found their way to the web - without many design or branding innovations we haven't met
Source images: videocardz.com

The GTX 1660 SUPER will be exactly the same as the standard GeForce GTX 1660 launched in March with the TU116 core and a recommended price tag of 220 dollars. For years, you will find 1,408 CUDA units with a base frequency of 1,530MHz and a turbo frequency of up to 1,785MHz - but the difference is that the SUPER model offers us GDDR6 built-in with effective speed of 14Gbps, vs With 8Gbps speed (based on the 192 Bit interface, in both cases) that was available on the standard GTX 1660.

The price of the new model will be only 10 dollars, with a recommended price of 230 dollars - and in return, consumers will be upgraded by 75 percent bandwidth for the built-in graphical memory, 336 gigabytes per second versus 192 gigabytes per second, which should ensure that Graphic memory interface speed will not be a limit and bottleneck under any use. It is possible that some of these upgrades will not offer any extra Practical (because the performance bottleneck is in a different link in the processing chain), but in other applications there is the potential for the GTX 1660 SUPER to be very close to the GTX 1660 Ti lied at $ 50, with more active processing units but with a lower bandwidth of God-.

The performance test results pool in the Final Fantasy XV game already includes the new model - reinforcing the assumption that in some cases the performance improvement may be worth far more than the addition of 10 dollars to its brother, the standard GTX 1660

The official announcement and launch of the GTX 1660 SUPER is expected on Tuesday, the 29 in October, with no reference designs from home Itself but with a variety of familiar designs from the chipmaker's key partner. Do we have a new favorite for under $ 300 prices? Soon we will know.


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  1. Does anyone have an estimate when can we see a sample Gigabyte version in stores in the country? Would you delay with building a system based on a screen in the 1,000 ~ 1,200 area?

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