Smarter Enlightenment: Antec joins the ARGB trend in HWzone fans

Smarter Enlightenment: Antec joins the ARGB trend in fans

Why settle for fans with one-color illumination when models that offer a spectrum of colors that can be synchronized and programmed become more accessible and popular than ever before?

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The appearance of the chassis is now as important as performance, it seems, and every hardware maker embraces this situation with all seriousness and attention - when there seem to be almost no components where there is no built-in illumination in any configuration, which is evidence of the economic investment behind the player.

Some consumers like a colorful mess in which each purchase illuminates its own method and variety at a given moment, while others must see order, coordination and harmony among all the different elements for the complete presentation - and for the second category there are products such as the Prizm series from the company , Which is designed to decorate the chassis and provide compatibility to almost all existing control and control applications on the market.

The Prizm fans can be found in stores of common 120 millimeters in diameter and 140 millimeters in diameter, which is gaining momentum in modern enclosures - with both models made of seven blades and a 18 multi-colored arc bulb with 16.8 million shades of support, and designed for programmed illumination applications , Asus, MSI and also . Unless you have a very exotic system, there should be no challenge here in incorporating the fans along with the other components.

It is quite difficult to think of an enlightenment style that would not be possible to implement in these fans

The Prizm models come with a two-year warranty on their hydraulic rotation mechanism, which is designed to survive at least 40,000 operating hours - and there is also a promise that their noise intensity will not exceed 32 decibels above average room noise when operating at maximum speed.

The 140 millimeter model should provide air flow of up to 65 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at maximum rotation speed, while the 120 millimeter model will reach 45 cubic feet per minute

Antec will offer the fans In some interesting combined cases - The one with three 120 millimeter Prizm fans, a pair of LED strips are controlled for additional chassis decoration and dedicated control over operation, the other with five 120 millimeter and Prizm fans and the third with a large 140 millimeter fan and control controller. Surprisingly, the 120 millimeter-sized Prizm ARGB fan will not be offered in its own packaging at all, although the 140 millimeter model can be obtained without extras.

The Prizm models are already available for purchase in a number of stores here in the country, while prices may well appear to be surprisingly good, together with overseas costs - especially if you are looking for a solution Systemic air includes your PC.


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