Intel NVM SSD Fast Drives With Great Prices

updating: Not surprisingly, the stock of the 2 terabyte drive has run out quickly and is still available at this point.

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However, it is still too early to despair - Amazon can be achieved Terabyte model and also Model 512GB Of the Intel 660p at their own great prices: 760 ש"ח For the model with the largest volume of the two and310 NIS only (!) To the smallest model, from the cheapest prices to today for drives In the.

Original article: The deals for Black Frey raise gear with For the Of the chip maker - at the lowest price we've seen to date, with a significant difference

Looking for the ultimate SSD drive in Black Friday? The Intel 660p model, launched earlier this year as the first home model based on three-dimensional NLC QLC chips with four bits of information per storage cell, Sold at Newegg now at a final price of NIS 1,140.76 - to a volume of 2 terabytes.

This is comparable to the cheapest price we've ever met for drives In the traditional 2-known 2.5 format - but it is a miniature M.2 drive with support for the standard XNUMX, Which enables it to break through the SATA speed limits and offer continuous transfer speeds of up to 1.8GBps, plus random performance up to 220,000IOPS with small 4KB files.

For a price we have not yet seen - is even cheaper than the HP EX920

Intel 660p is not one of the fastest and most advanced NVME drives on the market, compared to products such as 970 EVO or 970 PRO from But it is a drive that offers high operating efficiency and performance that in most cases is significantly superior to those of the leading SATA drives, and when their price levels are actually equal, it has a significant advantage.

If you are interested in volume As fast and as large as possible without rupturing the pocket drastically - it is very worthwhile to examine this proposal.