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A startling mega-screen: Get to know the new AOC flagship model

The Taiwanese manufacturer's gaming brand will offer a mix of large dimensions, curves, increased resolution, quality and high refresh rate - at a price tag of nearly NIS 10,000

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Lately, the most elaborate desktop screens appear to be the ones that go with resolution Large with a refreshing rate as high as possible, in relatively compact dimensions - but Think it is possible and different, with a large convex display that slightly compromises the resolution and density to provide an increased maximum refresh rate.

The fresh AGON AG353UCG screen is Taiwan's new flagship product - with a 35-inch diagonal VA panel with a 3,440 × 1,440 pixel resolution, 1800R curve (at a radius of 1,800 millimeters) and 200Hz maximum refresh rate support for the technology G-Sync Ultimate's Vertical synchronization and smoothing traffic with dedicated material controller for this.

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The screen supports an 8-bit color display (ie 16.7 million tones), uses the Quantum Dot layer to enrich the displayed tones, supports the DisplayHDR 1000 standard which says it can achieve ultra-high maximum brightness of 1,000 Nit, covering 95 percent of the standard color gamut The Adobe RGB covers 124 percent of the common sRGB standard and also covers about 90 percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut - and you will also receive a pair Relatively powerful built-in 8 watt power.

Like any self-respecting modern gaming screen - you'll find bright shades here too - and a built-in LED illuminated around the axis connecting the screen itself to its status

The AGON AG353UCG includes reasonable enterprise capabilities for display with height adjustment, tilt and rotation (partial) on a hinge - and offers an entry pair 1.4a, one of which is full-size and one of which is reduced to enjoy its full capabilities, with an additional full-size HDMI 2.0 connection for those who want to play with a refresh rate of up to 100 Hz. A 3.5 millimeter connection will allow microphone and headphones to be connected directly to the screen and connected Type-B will allow the hub to be fed with four connections Type-A screen, which unfortunately is at the bottom (in a location that may not be particularly convenient for frequent use).

The variety of connections is not exceptionally rich - as we would expect from a product that may carry a five-digit price tag when landed in Israel

The AOC screen is certainly advanced, but is it advanced enough to justify an official recommended price tag of € 2,530 in Europe, with which it will be available in the coming weeks? NIS 9,410 in direct conversion is a number that is definitely difficult to digest even for Pious financiers, especially when there are several alternatives with similar size and resolution (at a lower maximum refresh rate, it should be made clear) that are sold for less than a third of the price. How about this? Let's talk to everyone in the comments.


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  1. There was an article on an Asos 4K 144HZ screen that seems to cost 10K +, the result of which is that you can't really display the colors as they are, and use technology that compresses the pixel or something scientific in style, causing real color change, because current DP technology can't transmit Amount of such information. In short, something about this concept.

    I understand that this screen is also sick with the same morbidity?

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