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Momentum in the mid-market: AMD preparing to launch the Radeon RX 680? (Updated)

updating: Maybe Radeon RX 590 is the name we're looking for, actually? The appearance of an unknown video card in the 3DMark test causes various sources in the network to estimate that, Will prefer not to launch a whole new series, but to "make do" with the model A fresh top that will be added to existing ones.

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Whatever the model's name - it seems that at least everyone agrees that we are expected to jump into the updated production process at 12 nm which also uses In products its.

More clues about the launch coming from home - although the name or names to be adopted are not yet so clear

The original article: The popular chip developer is expected to win a second refresh in the near future

During that- Focuses on manufacturing and marketing In price ranges between 2,000 and 6,000, the middle market seems to be left behind, with no changes other than the frequent changes in the costs of existing models from last year. Is this the appropriate stage for the competitive step of rival AMD? We certainly hope for this, and are also receiving hints from the Internet about the possibility.

Some time after witnessing evidence of new Polaris kernel drivers Intended for Linux distributions, The famous site Fudzilla Reporting now That cards RX 680 and The new RX 670 are on their way to launch next month, with smaller and more efficient Polaris 30 cores based on the latest TSMC production process at 12 nm, instead of של Previously.

The working frequencies of the cores They are perfectly modest together with other modern graphics core - and a more recent production process from another company might change that

No change is expected in the number of active processing units, since models RX 580 already includes a complete Polaris core without missing or turned off elements, but an improvement in the operating frequencies should allow up to 15 to the actual performance of both RX 670 and RX 680 compared to their predecessors, GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1060 respectively, which are unlikely to receive any material upgrade prior to the arrival of another material generation somewhere later, seemingly only during the following year.

We already know that Plans to talk about its first 7 nanometer products at the giant XSUMX CES exhibition, including video card cores - but we may have one last surprise before it happens.

אם You will be able to maintain the practical price levels that we encounter in the market today, ie less than 250 for $ RX 580 and less than 180 in the RX 570 - we may well see it continue to trend to accumulate its market share, even without the launch of any New in 2018. We'll keep track of the matter and keep you updated.

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