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AMD Ryzen processors at the door: Meet the new motherboards for you

We are approaching the launch of the most talked-about inhabitant of all time , And you are invited to a first look at the motherboards that contain And the many new technologies that await us

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While the wait for the highly anticipated and highly connected processor series in recent years continues, we get some meat and blood hardware to interest it and begin planning our next upgrade - motherboards based on the advanced X370 chipset for the new AM4 housing .

asrockx370taichiThis is the Taichi X370 from ASRock. This is actually a motherboard from a new series of ASRock that recently started with the Taichi X99 and carries a simple and elegant color scheme. This motherboard is equipped with an 16 system, advanced power supply steps for the processor cradle, eight SATA3 hard drive interfaces, two fast M.2 interfaces for drives And even light bulbs Around the heat sink to the chip set.

In recent years the color scheme of black and white has gained momentum and here we receive it in all its glory. We have no doubt that with the advanced sound card, the PCI-Express slots fortified with the metal and the large cooling elements, the X370 Taichi is now a target for many system builders who want to see mostly black and white, Appropriate for them.

aurosx370gaming-5Another motherboard that caught our attention is the GIGABYTE Aaurus GA-AX370- 5. This is a motherboard that uses the advanced gaming brand of Which exists in the world of laptops. Here too the trend of black and white dominate. 10 system The specially designed voltage stabilizer stages control the power supply to the processor. This board contains a special U.2 interface for the medium Beside the standard M.2 interface, six SATA3 interfaces and here are ports Reinforced for ultra-heavy video cards.

Not enough black and white for you? Here's just a drop of red.

b350-tomahawkMSI's B350 TOMAHAWK motherboard is an interesting addition to the line-up of budget-dedicated gaming motherboards. The B350 chipset stands at the pricing level of its panels somewhere between the new B250 and H270's . Did you get confused? In short, these are motherboards with fewer features and interfaces than those found in X370 or Z270, for example, but still contain important key features, especially advanced electrical system and pleasant appearance.

These are the plates that have caught our attention so far at CES 2017. It seems that manufacturers have a lot of confidence in the new chassis And they have certainly invested resources to launch new and refreshing series that will be captured by many who are eagerly awaiting a real change in the pace of progress of the fixed-processor world.


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  1. Simple and functional boards, I like it.
    Only the prices won't be like Intel's gaming boards…

  2. Interesting motherboards, I liked the first board of Asrok, looks pretty nice and nice features and up to date.

    I hope the motherboard manufacturers will release another batch of board models for AMD's new processors to make it more of a choice for us consumers.

    I also hope that the prices of the tablets will not be too high.

    And of course we will wait for the ZEN processors themselves and hope that they will give Fite a good and strong Intel processor, both in terms of performance and price, because it will only be good for us, the potential buyers.

    By the way, is there already information when AMD will release its new processors, types, prices, etc.?

    Because I've been waiting impatiently to build a new computer system, and I don't care about which processor, AMD or INTEL, the main thing is that it will be the best computer for me.

  3. One thing Intel is still better at is the motherboards that manufacturers make for their processors.
    Even if a good AMD processor, a few boards and not a high level.
    What are six SATA3 interfaces today?
    Wish them success

  4. Quote of ttuuoo

    One thing Intel Still better is the motherboards manufacturers do to their processors . Even if the processor AMD Well, a few boards and a low level. What is today's six SATA3 interfaces? I wish them success

    Did you understand at all yourself what you wrote ?!

    Excuse me, but you're talking crap! The main thing is to respond to a salad of words, without knowledge and experience on the subject ...

    First of all, it's not Intel that does most of the motherboards but other manufacturers such as ASUS, Giga, MSI, etc., which make motherboards for Intel processors, as well as AMD processors.

    Second thing about the SATA3, this article already brought you an 8 SATA3 port motherboard, where are you looking?

    Even boards to Intel, do you think everyone comes with 8 ports or more ?, No, it all depends on your wallet, 8 ports and above are mostly quality motherboards for gamers and for OC who also go up accordingly.

    And believe me, the same goes for AMD boards.

    Also, if the ZEN is truly a successful processor, you will see for yourself how many different boards will emerge in the market from all manufacturers for these processors, with a variety of models, features and prices accordingly, just like the boards for Intel.

  5. The boards and their level fit the target audience of the processor, as AMD had processors that would be top in performance even if the boards were there.

    It makes no sense to load a board with pinchers and plug-ins to the level of a crazy board if the CPU is as poor as the bulldozer or as cheap as the APU because then algae kills all the viability of the system.

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