The War of David and Goliath? AMD's new generation of processors will be designed for mobile devices
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The War of David and Goliath? AMD's new generation of processors will target mobile devices

AMD confirms that its new Carrizo processors will only be offered on welded BGA versions, and will in fact compete head-on in Chipzilla's U-chip chipset family. A lost battle in advance or the beginning of turning for the manufacturer in red?

It should be told to AMD that it is a company that is not afraid to continue on its way, even when it is simply not in light of a number of years of disappointments for her (and for consumers), especially when it comes to the world of processors. Despite all of the above, a manufacturer from Sunnyvale is preparing for it To launch the generation of the Carrizo processors Based on the fourth incarnation of Bulldozer cores - And, first and foremost, it seems, is aimed specifically at the mobile device market.

According to information that comes directly from And integrates quite well with the updated roadmap introduced a few months ago, the Carrizo processors will only be offered in BGA versions - in other words, consumers will not be able to purchase the processors themselves directly, but only as part of an entire product such as Or a complex computer system (be it , A mini-computer or an all-in-one computer of all kinds).

This is a very surprising move from the chipmaker to a developer - partly because rumors of a similar move from Intel have caused quite a bit of resentment on the network and will probably provoke a similar response in this case as well, because AMD actually chooses to focus on the mobile device market in which it is today (And since the end of the merry Brazos days) Is almost nil.

In the official production of the Carrizo processors, what was seen as a chip in the chassis can be assembled and dismantled - but it is possible that somewhere along the way the manufacturer decided on a different direction in the current round
In the video the official presentation of the Carrizo processors presented what looked like In a bracket that can be assembled and disassembled - but somewhere along the way the manufacturer may have decided a different direction in the current round

The Carrizo generation Will compete directly The U-chip family of the Broadwell generation Quad-Core Excavator is updated, A built-in graphical core of the new generation of GCN architecture, fully supported by the HSA standard for full resource sharing between processing cores and graphics core and thermal envelopes between 15 and 35 watts. However, considering that the Carrizo processors are characterized by a technological gap of two generations compared to Broadwell processors - It will be a competition where, with all good will, the starting position of It's much, much less good.



Restricting the Carrizo processors to a soldered socket alone does not mean that the company will not offer a family New and different with a standard desktop stand - how no information about such programs has been revealed in the meantime, which means consumers will have to stay "stuck" for a while with the current (and aging) desktop models.


AMD has utilized the CES 2015 Exhibition In order to present a prototype of a thin and light mobile based on Carrizo - but like the situation in previous generations, even now, for the time being, we see no use of these chips in actual products

Is targeting and targeting the mobile market will help Accumulate successes in a category where it has been very difficult in recent years, or is it a move that will only hurt its market share in the stationary world, yet is it still able to keep its head above water? Tell us what you think about the reactions.

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  1. We are on 22 nm at the moment. Are they real? Good not to launch in 32 nm of 2007. Next year will drop to 14 nm in stationary as well.

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