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Next generation: Acer unveils Intel's future processors and NVIDIA graphics cards

Computer models Of the Taiwanese manufacturer will include hardware components that have not yet been publicly disclosed

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It was clear that Intel 's new generation of Intel Core processors was on its way to mobile devices and that Intel' The Turing section, under the names GeForce GTX 1660 and GeForce GTX 1650, are also in advanced ripening stages - but now things become much more tangible when leaks are from a company And from home Give us a taste of the products around the corner.

A close-up photo of Eizer revealed a pair of Nitro models it plans to launch in the coming months - with 15.6-inch or 17.3-inch IPS screens and a choice between a standard 60-run refresh panel and a more advanced 144 panel Mechanical storage drive plus NVMe dual-RAID0 drives for maximum performance, Core H processors (with 35 watts or 45 watts power casing) Not yet announced Type GTX 1660, GTX 1650 or GTX 1660 Ti, as befits products that are going to be very aggressive at their market prices.

The fast-approaching supply from the east - equipped with upgrades for both the main and the graphical processing units

MSI is also preparing new GL63 models with an 15.6-inch IPS screen, and as part of its leak, we are even getting some interesting numbers - with a statement that the processors i7-9750H The coffee-core processors of the Coffee Lake Refresh generation can deliver up to 91 performance improvements compared to processors i7-7700HQ quadrilateral cores and an improvement of 28 percent compared to i7-8750H that also has six cores - while a card The GTX 1650 in its mobile configuration will benefit from a basic 1,395MHz frequency and performance that prefer 41 GTX 1050 mobile and 24 percent of what GTX 1050 Ti (in the framework of the somewhat veteran performance test 11, in its Performance settings).

MSI data also indicates the i5-9300H, which will include four physical processing cores and support HyperThreading as the successor to the i5-8300H last year.

It is not certain that this data should be treated as an accomplished truth at this point - but they make it clear that there is good reason to wait patiently with the planned purchase until things become more formal and clearer

Intel's new processors could win an official show in just under two weeks, at 21 in April, and in such a situation it is likely that the launch of home-based video cards Occurs sometime during the current month - perhaps in April 30, which starred in several different reports as the possible launch date for the stationary version of the GTX 1650. We will continue to follow and update!


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