Acer and Microsoft will offer us a 10 170 laptop with HWzone
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Acer and Microsoft will offer us a laptop with 10 windows on 170

The Acer Aspire One Cloudbook is portable Ultra cheap in the spirit of the Chromebooks, which will be priced at only NIS X

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The launch of 10 is on its way, and many Microsoft start-ups are beginning to take advantage of the platform to announce their new (and old-fashioned) devices, which can be purchased with 10 is already in the coming weeks.

One of the most interesting devices we have been hearing about these days is the new Aspire One Cloudbook mobile, which is set to cost only 170 dollars (about NIS 650 in direct conversion), and will open up a new wave of computers 10, which will be the simplest and cheapest, and will fight head to head in the popularity of Chromebooks Which take a very similar approach.


All we know for sure now is that the Esser Cloudbook will be offered in 11 inches (which will cost 170 dollars as mentioned) and 14 inches, although based on the very basic price it can be estimated that what is seen here will be a very basic panel at 768 × 1,366 resolution (Or maybe even 800 × 1,200), Bay Trail sealed chip or maybe Cherry Trail sealed case a little better, 2GB RAM and system 10 that will probably be submitted in some free format, in the spirit 8.1 With Bing.

The "trick" in this case, which could bring the price to its very low place, is already derived from the computer's name - the Aspire One Cloudbook will emulate the format of the Chromebooks based primarily on volume Dedicated to the cloud, and offer volume (16GB) required mainly for the 10 window itself, and perhaps for a few more basic software.

All other information will be for cloud storage - probably with the help of 500 gigabytes or terabytes of storage in OneDrive's . It will be interesting to see whether the software giant will offer cloud storage on a regular basis or a time limit (one or two years), after which they will aim to make additional profit at the expense of a subscription fee for users who wish to maintain their cloudbook usability.


The very simple plastic cover of the Cloudbook Couldn't surprise anyone even in 2010, but at such a price it's very hard to complain and hey - according to the photos, you seem to get three connections Complete with the device, which is according to 3 from their number on- Which costs 1,200 dollars

Laptop as it 's , Which will undoubtedly be joined by similar 'Cloudbooks' down the road, will require a lot of compromises from the consumer and will certainly not suit everyone, but even so - at a cost of a few hundred shekels (it's hard to believe that a 170 dollar device will cost in the country over NIS 1,000, Even when taking into account taxation and the general 'extra cost', this is a product that may be very suitable for anyone who needs only basic browsing and document editing.

Is this ultra-low-cost laptop the first swallow for a revolution that will help Windows 10 gain popularity at a high rate, or just a gimmick that will not really gain momentum?

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