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Amazon's Best Hardware Deals: Prime Day 2019

Processors, , Motherboards and drives Of all kinds - the giant company goes all over the box office with Many of the highest quality

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American Prime Day has officially begun - and as we hoped, it brings with it a large number of offers that will delight computer and hardware enthusiasts. We have concentrated especially on you the best of them all!

4 terabytes SSD drive? Why not actually - The Samsung 860 QVO budget model Falling to an unprecedented price of $ 515.2 including VAT and home delivery. 1,830 is for those who need the largest volume available in the home market.

This is already a sellout without a shadow of a doubt - AMD's Ryzen 7 2700X octagonal processor The price of 263.26 dollars includes everything and together with a body It should be within the package, only NIS 935, compared to more than NIS 1,400 in Israel!

80 diving at this advanced processor price within a few days

Sapphire Radeon RX 570 Pulse Card with GDDR4 5GB Available at 161.42 dollars - NIS 580 only.

A fast microSD card supports Lexar A2 App Performance standard with 512GB Available at a hefty price - 59.5 dollars includes shipping to the country and SD adapter, about NIS 215 compared to the price of 200 dollars (!) With which the product started the road a few months ago.

Seagate external drive with 4 terabyte volume - Only 110.29 dollars which are NIS 395 versus NIS 515 and above in the country for the same model.

Seagate external hard drive with 6 terabyte capacity At the price of 135.83 USD or NIS 485, compared to prices of over NIS 750 for such volume in Israel.

Radeon RX 590 video card with 8GB of MSI GDDR5 memory Sold at an excellent price of 237.22 $ including VAT and home delivery - only NIS 845 which returns it to relevance and big, even when compared to all the new models on their way to the market.

The best graphics card you can find on the market for less than NIS 1,000

External XAG external drive of Seagate in 8TB volume Will cost you 162.99 dollars, or 580 shekels.

Seagate Backup Plus Hub External Hard Drive with 10 Terabyte Volume Sold for $ 235.65 - NIS 840 only, about half the price of models in the same volume at local stores!

An interesting combination deal Which includes an Intel Core i5-9600K processor , 660p 's drive In one terabyte volume as well Prime Z390-A sample - Offered at a final cost of 561.86 dollars, which is NIS 1,985 worth.

Are you starting to assemble a new computer system? This trio may suit you like a glove

Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB model power supply With the 850 watt supplier and built-in color illumination, 123.92 bucks are offered including VAT and shipping - only NIS 440 versus NIS 770 in the local market.

SanDisk Ultra 3D NAND SSD drive at lowest price to 2 terabyte - 242.19 dollars includes everything, ie only NIS 860 or 43 penny per gigabyte agile.

The SanDisk Extreme Series MicroSD card with A2 App Performance compatibility breaks another record for 256GB volume - Price of 50.1 dollars, or NIS 180 only.

Thermaltake 120 Thermometer Rack Enclosure with colorful RGB illumination and voice command support from Alexa, Amazon's digital assistant, 52.23 is sold in dollars, which is NIS 190.

External mechanical drives at great prices from Western Digital: The Elements model has a volume of 6 terabytes At the price of 125.94 dollars (NIS 450) including VAT and shippingElements of 10 Terabytes At the price of 210.94 USD (750 NIS) only.

Want unprecedented volume on your smartphone? SanDisk's unique and exclusive microSD card with terabyte capacity (!) Sold for $ 441.8, or NIS 1,565 - only to those whose money is really not a barrier for them.

SanDisk Extreme Portable Hard Drive SSD Portable Hard Disk Drive Sold at the cheapest price to date, 174.74 dollars or 620 shekels.

The WD Black SN750 Advanced NVM drive is offered at a cost of 222.65 USD (790) To one terabyte volume, And the cost of 124.19 dollars (440 shekels) The 500GB volume also includes a cooling system.

The main competitor of 970 EVO and 970 PRO Gets a little discount

500GB Blue Western SN500 Western Digital NVM drive You can buy for 67.32 dollars including shipping to Israel, or 240.

Gigabyte motherboard for latest Intel processors Z390 Aorus Pro Based on design with 12 power supply phases and M2 couplings for drives Fast is offered at a nice price of 198.23 dollars, which is NIS 705 - compared to NIS 900 and more in Israel.

Offering Exotic Computer Enthusiasts - Intel's most powerful NUC model to date, With the Core i7-8809G core processor (And without dynamic memory or Which should be added independently, it should be noted), 836.26 is sold in dollars, which is NIS 2,965 compared to NIS 4,200 in Israel.

Compact saloon computer with gaming capabilities - at a price that is not cheap at all but significantly cut down on everything we have received so far

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