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Amazon introduces: SSD drives at prices that should not be missed

In traditional 2.5 or M2 configuration reduced and SATA or NVMe standard - Amazon has impressive offer prices for a variety of drives Agile now

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After telling you about the impressive deals at Newegg's store - The right time to cross the digital road is to discover the storage offers that are right now in the online store of in the United States. Fun shopping!

A400's SSD drive, Which includes TLC chips and built-in dynamic memory for satisfactory performance in most categories, is offered at an unprecedented cost To the volume of 960GB - Only 125.8 dollars includes VAT and shipping up to the counter, which are about NIS 460. You can also choose In the 480GB model Of the drive at a final price of approximately $ 67, or approximately NIS 250, at a price of about $ 37 for 240GB, Which is approximately NIS 140. There are even Minimum 120GB model That will cost you about NIS 95 all-inclusive.

It's not the most sophisticated SATA drive, but it should be enough for the vast majority of home users - at particularly impressive prices

Need an 2TB volume drive - you can choose Western Digital's Blue, with SATA andIn 2.5-inch configuration או In M.2 format For about $ 277, including VAT and shipping to Israel, about NIS 1,015 approaching the lowest cost we have seen to date In such volume, for only a few hours during cyber-mani operations at the end of last year.

Western Digital returns to the Budgets

For dessert, Intel 660p drives in the M.2 configuration with new generation QLC chips also return to their lowest price level - Model 512GB Offered below the VAT threshold for about $ 81, or NIS 300, including direct shipping (note that the deal is currently only available to Amazon Prime account holders who can sign up for a trial month's payment details), while Terabyte model Available for $ 172.84 or 625. Lower than that is very difficult to find currently within the category.

updating: The popular WD Blue 500GB drive and M.2 format Now sold at 65.45 dollars including direct home delivery - about NIS 240 making it one of the best deals on the market it's always been like this.

2 Update: Want an octagonal cores processor? AMD's Ryzen 7 1700 Available now, in enclosure with the Wraith Spire LED cooling, at an excellent price of 207.8 USD including VAT and shipping - as NIS 760 which is a very difficult deal to refuse when competitor's octagonal models Are priced at a double cost.

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