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Election time: Amazon promotions for one day only

Today's online store offers include a range of storage products available to you from US PNY

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Saturday is a great opportunity to regenerate some hardware at reduced prices - which is something that will be possible until tomorrow morning (Wednesday, the 18 in September) at Amazon USA with specials Which run out surprisingly quickly. As always, we are here to concentrate on the best offers.

Cards 128GB or 256GB volumes of your choice, fast maximum continuous 100 megabyte transfer per second and with the A1 App Performance Standard for Random Performance, are sold at 23.1 dollars and 40.1 dollars including shipping to their respective countries - and you should remember that the relative cost may drop A little more if you choose to place a few items together for a total cost less than the Israeli VAT exemption of 75 dollars.

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Expand smart device storage at a very low price - and with it Reasonable in relation to this product category

A full size 512GB SD card is sold for only 3 dollars from becoming radically lucrative thanks to the VAT exemption rate in question - but even at a base price of 78 dollars, which comes to 99.49 dollars including VAT and shipping, this is a perfectly affordable offer for owners Cameras that need maximum storage. There are also 128GB and 256GB volumes of these cards at a pretty good price - 23.07 dollars including shipping and 40.1 dollars including shipping respectively.

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Indulgences for cameras - or computers, too And stationary

drive A tiny 256GB Elite-X Fit series with non-bad continuous transfer speeds of up to 200 megabytes per second is available at a cost of 39.07 dollars, for only NIS 140 - and you can also order a pair of such drives for a total price of 71.15 dollars, i.e. 35.58 Dollars (NIS 130) per unit only.

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drive The standard 256GB supports standard 3.0 is offered at one of the lowest prices to date - only 35.14 includes shipping to Israel, a little less than NIS 130.

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Not the most impressive drive on the market - but definitely one of the cheapest you can get, with only about half a shekel per gigabyte of storage

For dessert, drive Interesting having a microUSB connection on one side (and a connection Full-size Type-A from the other side) designed to be conveniently stored for veteran OTC-supported smart devices - at a final price of 26.15 dollars (about NIS 95) per volume of 128GB and with the option of reaching speeds up to 130 megabytes per second.

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The optimal solution for moving fast information between your smartphone and PC


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