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Now at Amazon: video cards at unseen prices

2 Update: Another operation that is hard to ignore - Samsung's 860 EVO SSD drive of one terabyte is sold for 217 dollars, Including VAT and shipping to Israel, which is about NIS 785, which is undoubtedly the lowest cost to date for such a huge Korean-made drive, and is definitely worth it to all those who are not really interested in compromising on other, lesser-known brands.

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updating: Another material operation in Amazon that will be very difficult to ignore: products PNY cheap notebook.

3.0GB 128 USB drive Available on 28.6 USD including shipping to Israel, 3.0GB 256 USB drive Also available at the price of 51 dollars, including shipping, plus high-speed SD cards up to 512GB can be purchased at competitive costs: 256GB At a total price of 77 USD, and512GB For 177 dollars.

The original article: The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and the RX 580 are now sold at very good prices - plus the drives Are interesting below the exemption threshold from VAT

Continue to wonder what is the perfect graphics card for you? We have a pair of options that can be very interesting for a pair of different price levels - one from a home And the second from the Red Camp .

Mini model of the Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, Which is also available for mini-mITX systems, is available for purchase at the price of 740 dollars including VAT and delivery to the home - about 2,665 New shekels cheaper than most of the GTX 1080 models you'll find on the local market and also a new minimum price for the model that still holds the most powerful title In the, For another week or two.

On the other hand, gamers with a more modest budget can find The Radeon RX 580 with 8GB of graphics memory from Gigabyte's Aorus brand At a total price of only $ 271, or approximately NIS 980. GTX 1060 wherever they are.

Probably the best graphic card sold for less than 1,000 shekels to this day - should be snatched before the stock runs out

Do not video cards impress you enough? There are also a great variety of specially designed drives Which are sold under the price of 75 dollars, which is a threshold exempt from VAT when importing into Israel.

Three internal SSD drives in 2.5 and 480GB configurations are available at particularly competitive prices The Silicon Power S60 Which we told you earlier at a total price of 82 dollars and next to him also The Silicon Power A55 Based on TLC chips offered at the price of 82 dollars, ie about 300 new shekels only. In addition, you can now purchase the Patriot's Burst model 480GB and at the price of 79.5 USD, which is approximately NIS 290.

Small external SSD drive from PNY Which reaches continuous transmission speeds of 430 / megabyte per second and random speeds of up to 38,000IOPS with 4GB 240GB files, available at the price of 81 USD, including delivery of approximately NIS 295.

drive External price is very similar to that of internal drives

For dessert, those who want to break the SATA standard limit can now find NVM drives in 240GB volumes at great prices: Adata SX6000 model At the price of 67 USD (a little less than 250 New Israeli Shekels) Model Corsair MP300 Which reaches 1,600 continuous transmission speeds of one megabyte per second at the price of 69 dollars, MyXigitalXD SBX model of 256GB In the price tag of 77 dollars as well Model of Silicon Power in 256GB Which is available at the price of 82 dollars.


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