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AMD is accused of misinformation

The processor manufacturer Is dragged to court for misrepresentation of the number of cores of its processors

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It seems that things are in the company Are getting more and more complicated by the minute, and this time: a lawsuit for misrepresentation of the number of cores in the company's bulldozers .

U.S. District Court accuses the company of misleading consumers as it markets its latest eight-core bulldozer processors, while these are quad-core processors. The reason for the gap between the famous and the actual situation is the equivalent technology of HyperThearding of the company , Where all Divide itself and thus a quad-core processor creates eight "logical" cores.

Not exactly an eight-core processor…

The prosecuting body also claims that despite this technology, the quad-core bulldozers marketed under the "eight-core" labeling not only blur the difference between a number of physical and logical cores, but are also designed in a way that cores depend on each other and share load in a manner compatible with a two-core processor, and not Align a line with the way it is With eight functional cores.

The above lawsuit is still in its infancy, which we will not talk about publishing the amount of the claim, and it is also presumed that it will take quite some time. The assumption is that if the parties reach some compromise, the company You will have to stop marketing the aforementioned bulldozer processors in this manner.

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