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AMD's Ryzen 3 3000 processors in review: A new benchmark in high-performance performance

Performance tests of the new Ryzen 3 Series can now be unveiled - The cheap processor market will no longer be the same

Today it can officially be announced that there is a fairly significant and interesting change in the market that usually receives at least fame from the desktop processors, the entry-level processor market in which Ryzen 3 and Core i3 reside. The reason, of course, is the flow of new blood into this market in the form of Ryzen 3 3100 and Ryzen 3 3300X based on Zen 2's architecture In a 7 nm production process.

It is not so surprising that so far the same processors segment has not received the amount of exposure and products which is appropriate for what is supposed to be a very serious chunk of sales percentages. These are supposedly "boring" processors that are supposed to be accessed by computers that mainly use simple everyday tasks such as browsing the Internet, viewing media content, and writing documents.

Today Adds a lot of pepper and life to this market in the form of a duo That drive up the familiar performance and value for price, just as it has so far with the series processors 5 and 7 since 2017. The 3 3100 and 3 3300X want you to know that this is a legitimate product for low budget gamers and content creators. We are here to provide you with performance results and understand where these processors stand in comparison to the more expensive competition and processors available today.

The Ryzen 3 3100 and 3300 X processors are built in a slightly different and unusual way from one another. Traditionally, the new Ryzen processors are built so there One who runs the (IO) included the processor components and an additional chip or two for all the processing cores themselves and their cache memory. The same CCD, or processing cores, can hold up to 8 cores, and two can be installed on each processor (Ryzen 9 3950X is a fully configured processor and 16 cores).

Within each group of 8 cores there are two internal units of 4 cores each, and there are Their sons. At 3100, it was decided that these two units would remain active, but only 2 cores out of 4 in each. This, while in 3300 X it was decided to use a single unit with 4 cores and cancel the other.

This move is interesting from And serves two important purposes. One goal is the ability to use a defective CCD and turn it into a 3100 processor that can still be sold and monetized. A second purpose is to create separation Between two models with equal cores equal even frequency. This is because the closer the processing cores are to each other, the faster their communication and thus the processing power increases. So, practically, even at the same frequency the 3300X will be at the top of many chores that will benefit from the architectural difference.

On the technical side, the best way to describe the new Ryzen 3 would be "like Ryzen 5, with only 4 cores instead of 6" in a big way. There are 4 processing cores and 8 capitals for the first time in the Ryzen 3 segment and this is the highlight of this launch. Decided that 4 capitals are no longer, and is currently the lowest entry point into the world of Made with 8 capillaries of machining thanks to the SMT technology (PM Simultanious Multithreading).

The Ryzen 3 3100 comes with a base frequency of 3.6Ghz and a maximum turbo frequency of 3.9Ghz which is considered quite conservative for this architecture. The Ryzen 3 3300X comes with a base frequency of 3.8Ghz and a significantly higher turbo frequency of 4.3Ghz. Both have 16MB third-level cache memory. Like their older siblings in the Ryzen 3000 family, these processors also support memory At high speeds, and of course in the standard 4.0, which is of limited importance today, but may become meaningful as devices that support such a standard continue to emerge.

Both processors are configured to work in a 65W heat jacket and come with The Wraith Stealth in packaging. The price of the processors is $ 99 to $ 3 and $ 3100 to 3 3300X.

Due to this, location Those within the logon hierarchy are very interesting today and are in between The i3 9100F costs about $ 85 and the i5 9400F which costs about $ 160. The current-generation Ryzen 5 3600 occupies a higher price point of about $ 175. In Israel the price difference is quite similar, when you i3 9100F is available in version without Include less than NIS 330, while 9400F costs about NIS 700 and 5 3600 is priced at about NIS 800.

Test system and performance tests

CPUs The new ones were built under the same exam system we have used so far for previous processors. In most tests, the same video card is used. The following is the relevant hardware list:

  • Motherboard Aorus Pro for intel processors
  • Motherboard Crosshair VIII Hero Wifi for AMD processors
  • זיכרון Trident Royal 2x8GB 3600Mhz CL16
  • Palit Geforce RTX 2080 video card OC 8GB
  • Power Supply High Current Gamer 850W Bronze
  • Intel storage 760p 512GB

We decided to use a relatively fast graphics card to see the potential of processors with relatively graphic power upgraded relative to a reasonable integration of a CPU with a graphics card today. This, in order to see how many frames per second the processors are able to generate when it is not always graphic power will be the one that will limit the system. In addition, performance differences can be assessed in the near future even if they are currently integrated with Simple ones that will be upgraded to a level in the future 2080 will be considered more than average.

Overclocking - simply because possible

Ryzen processors have the ability to perform overclocking with an open frequency multiplier. We used this fact to perform overclocking for the Ryzen 3 3100 processor. This is unbelievably simple. All we had to do was set a multiple of 42 (to an effective frequency of 4.2Ghz) and voltage Maximum 1.2V. That's all, the processor in this state has become completely stable with effort. There's a small comeback here for the kinds of overclock we used to make for many years ago for cheap processors - we did because it spared us.

The actual difference is that we have a maximum frequency of 3.9Ghz at 300 Mhz. This overclocking was done with the Wraith Prism cooling, domestic cooling Which you get with Ryzen 7 processors and it is parallel to my body At a cost of only tens of NIS. We performed To- 3 3100 and not 3300 X for the reason of around 100Mhz increment 3 3300X Compared to the more respectable addition of his little brother, the "mess" on the subject is a big doubt.

Blender 3D rendering software is an example of efficient use of system resources. Notice the tremendous time difference between Ryzen 3100 3 and Core i5. Specifically, note the workaround for the Core i8400 XNUMX with six cores in this test. The significance of the results is precisely one of the reasons why Having to add processing power to its processors in a new series soon. What you see here is a no-return point for a new low-cost processor.

Another engine that uses every possible processor resource is Maxon Cinema4D. The Cinebench test allows you to quantify speeds And compare them. Here again you can see that the i5 8400 and 3 3100 are very similar in their parallel processing power. Remember, one processor costs 50 percent more than the other.

The free handbrake conversion software is great for converting video between qualities and formats. We used it to measure performance differences between . In this software we see more of the same. Here, capillary multiplicity is of slightly lower importance and higher frequency of work. As a result, the performance differences between the processors are smaller and the i5 8400 faster than the rest of the processor except 5 3600X with six cores and 12 capillaries.

Remember the architecture differences we noted at the beginning of the review? It seems here that they are being expressed in a very significant way. God- 3 3300X is significantly faster than its younger brother in file compression in Winrar. The speed of communication between cores and shared cache memory seems to have paid off for this processor.

Going to gaming. The title of Blizzard's popular Hero Shooter is not too significant a difference between the simplest and most advanced processor in our group. In general the game favors processors Although it is precisely the Ryzen 3 3300X introduced Very respectable, especially at 2560 × 1440 resolution.

Rockstar's RDR2 title shows that "heavy" modern games want more than the four capitals that can deliver them i3 9100F. The fighter for $ 85 is in place, but more capillaries are more performance when it comes to quad-core. The Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5 processors for the 3000 family are in this Sandwich between processors i3 and i5.

Here is another title that wants more than four capillaries. In order for the new Tomb Raider to produce a high amount of frames, it is requesting increased processing power. While the Ryzen 3 3100 offers it, the Ryzen 3 3300X takes it one step further with performance that aligns with Significantly more expensive than he is. The added frequency and improved core composition yield results.

Here's an example of such a graphics-heavy game that the performance difference between different processors even with the RTX 2080 is not very large. While performance samples are easy to see, there is a preference for processors In this title, and physical integrations are preferable to logic. These facts place you i5 8400 on top.

For the purpose of examining the game CS: GO we both slightly formula. We know that this is a very easy game for modern systems, and that the amount of frames per second you get under high settings is huge. Although, for academic learning, we ran the test to see which processor was able to generate their maximum amount. The orange graph represents the use of 2080 While the blue graph represents a slightly more likely graphics card usage, the GTX 1660 Super.

Strengthening the entry market is a welcome step

The gaming world of personal computers is undergoing a gradual change that has recently been accelerated by the world of consoles. This change is all about matching hardware to gaming and dealing with gaming hardware. Of course the term "gaming" is very broad, and it's hard to say that X is good for gaming while hardware Y is not good, when there are games that require no more than a dual processor And a built-in graphic accelerator.

Until recently, there was a consensus among hardware professionals that "four cores is enough for gaming and everything beyond doesn't make much difference." This consensus began to change as soon as new heavy games came to us, causing processors that until recently were considered powerful to surrender under pressure. Example games Or Call of Duty began to ask for more than the average processor offered and demand for more powerful processors began to grow. Just like a ship sinking, many users began to upgrade Relatively new to processors that just came out simply because the amount of four-core physical without multiple capillaries began to result in intermediate performance and a poor user experience.

The Core i3 9100F is the latest of its kind by offering a four-core and four-cap configuration, but at least comes with a fairly high 4Ghz operating frequency to its cores with effort. Previous ones operating at lower frequencies are starting to surrender under the pressure of many games and see this in inferior performance and frequent prime falls.

Here comes the world of consoles, which for a few years now has been working with 8 physical processing cores and this year is about to undergo one of the most significant upgrades to date - This year's consoles are going to get slightly weakened versions of the Ryzen 7 3700X in line Primary. It's a big deal for gamers. This means that game developers can now access a huge amount of resources to program their games. This also means that computer versions will require a large amount of resources accordingly.

It's important to have a gaming resources processor, or any purpose, and Realize this. The 3 new ones increase the amount of processing available at exceptionally low prices and ensure a lifetime for simpler and cheaper computers that need the minimum needed to enjoy complex games.

These processors are also compatible with the cheapest motherboards currently sold with AM4's . All that needs to be verified is that the motherboard bios supports the Ryzen 3000 series and nothing more. It is very important to emphasize - These do not contain any built-in graphics cores, so are more tailored to the gaming audience and the advanced users as this purchase requires the installation of a separate video card in the system. Those looking for an integrated solution can always go for the owners of Ryzen processors Graphically structured Example 3 3200G and 5 3400G. It is important to remember that their processing cores are weaker as they are from the previous processing section.

Editor's Choice, Best Value - 3 3100

For an official price of $ 99 or about $ 400 after taxes, the Ryzen 3 3100 is a fair deal for those who want to build a gaming computer or work cheaply with a dedicated video card. Its intensity is similar to that of Until recently, significant liqueurs were considered a model i7 6700 and i5 8400 which means a lot about the value for money.

Recommended - 3 3300X

God- The 3 3300X adds a little more gaming and general processing beyond that for an extra $ 20 and I think this addition is very fair and worthwhile. Processors 3 With this launch, they have transformed from simple home and office processors to sharpened gaming processors at an appropriate price.

It is very important to note on this occasion that there is another $ 100 processor today that performs many processing tasks quickly, and is the 5 1600 AF. This is a six-core and 12-cap processor that corresponds to 5 2600. Its availability is slightly problematic, but it is also an interesting product that is limited budget. It is also important to add that many may still decide that the step to add $ 50 will be right to add about 50% more processing power to get a 6-core processor such as the 5 3600. Of the total average computer, this is not a dramatic addition.

At the time of this criticism, Intel is known to not sit back and realize that parts it had are beginning to move into enemy territory. Help is on the way, and it takes a few weeks for you to reach the tenth generation of . We will of course present our perspective based on results As soon as we can, including the simpler processors in the group who come back to 3.

At this time, She has made a smart and consumer-friendly move and for that she deserves a credit. These are two products at affordable prices, with serious performance and advanced technology support such as overclocking, PCI-Express 4.0 standard and support for At high speeds. The value of previous four-core processors is not going to show the same. Well done!

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