Lenovo immediately introduces a competitor to HWzone's laptop
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Immediate counter-reaction: Lenovo introduces a competitor to Xiyomi's laptop

The competition for the Chinese user's heart is increasing as another manufacturer reveals Metallic, compact and cost effective

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A few days ago we won For real first acquaintance With Mi Notebook PCs (Xiaomi) - And now a local competitor with many similarities has emerged from a prominent and long-standing manufacturer in the category.

This is a new metal laptop from Lenovo, which does not belong to any of its existing brands, but gets a name Air 13 Pro - which, as in Shyumi, makes it clear that the intention here is to challenge the Air (and possibly the- Pro, in fact), at least in certain markets.

The operating system inside is Windows 10, of course
The operating system inside is 10, of course

The Air 13 Pro is quite similar to the Mi Notebook Air 13, with a 13.3-inch screen at 1080p resolution (this time based on an IPS panel), a Core i5-6200U dual core processor from the Skylake generation, In a very modest volume of 4GB, drive 2GB M.256 based - and a discreet GeForce 940MX video card, this time with Graphic Magnified with 2GB volume.


Lenovo's new mobile phone offers a 46 Watt-hour battery that is supposed to give life on paper Are slightly better than those of the mobile from a record, although in practice only promises seven hours of work between charges versus 9.5 at the competitor. In addition, you will find a metal shell with a built-in fingerprint scanner, a JBL stereo pair of speakers with one watt power, a keyboard with backlight, a connector Type C one, connector 3.0 Type A One, connector One 2.0 and relatively reasonable dimensions with a thickness of about 14.8 millimeters and weight of about 1.29 kilograms.


This base model of the Air 13 Pro is on sale now for a discounted price of 5,000 yuan, about $ 750 - the same as the Mi Notebook 13.3 price, and seals us the great similarity between them (with Lenovo leading slightly in the graphical processing category, allegedly offering offers Double volume RAM). However, Lenovo's offer will also be available in two advanced and more expensive versions - with dual-core Core i7-6500U chip and memory 8GB At a cost of 6,200 RMB (approximately $ 930), and with these improvements and the addition of a drive 512GB of 7,000 RMB (about $ 1,050 USD).

The new laptop is also very similar to Lenovo's successful IdeaPad 710S - although the addition of the discreet, middle-class video card is an advantage for the Air 13 Pro that is hard to ignore
The new mobile is also very similar to the successful IdeaPad 710S - although the addition of the moderately discreet and reasonable video card is an advantage for the hard-to-ignore Air 13 Pro

In this case, too, we do not know whether we can see the specific model outside China's borders - but we certainly will not oppose it, or any one step that will help increase competitiveness in the sleepy PC market.


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    1. maybe in the future. At present, this model has not been officially introduced, and this Lenovo model competes directly with the (relatively) advanced model of the highs.

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