And these are the names: Threadripper 3960X with 24 processing cores revealed on network • HWzone

And these are the names: Threadripper 3960X with 24 processing cores was exposed on the network

Models with 24 cores and 32 cores are due next month - followed by models with 48 cores and 64 cores at the beginning of 2020

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AMD promised us a launch of new HEDT processors in November, and it doesn't plan to waste any extra time on the road - realizing that the network sources are announcing the new models as early as 5 in November, in less than two weeks, with the launch of one intriguing model already in the same class and teaser For a couple of other models that will officially launch early next year as a bonus.

The Threadripper 3960X appears as a model with the 24 processing cores that it spoke of In recent months, that alone will be a response to the entire Cascade Lake-X family Which will provide consumers with up to 18 physical processing cores in accordance with the material limitations of the LGA2066 residency.

We do not yet have data on the fearsome red model's operating frequencies, but it may be characterized by a power consumption envelope of between 250 watts and 280 watts - and taking into account the previous generation and the new truncated cuts of 1,000 Dollar Recommended Price "Only" appears to be a viable option that will crush your opponent's recent cost-benefit ratio.

24 cores as a base for the family Modern - Exciting given how you look at it

According to the information reported on, along with the 24 cores model, we should also get a full breakdown on the 3970X Threadripper processor, probably with 32 processing cores - despite the fact that She only mentioned the 3960X publicly.

32 Cores for less than 1,500 Cores as early as next month? We'll find out soon

Model 3990X may be the one that will provide consumers with the maximum amount of 64 physical processing cores with 128 logical processing capitals, similar to the new EPYC server servers, and will only be available in stores in January 2020 - perhaps along with a model 3980X with 48 processing cores. These are fanciful numbers for home market users, but the red chip developer seems to want to go all over the box even at a price where the practical usability of these products will be extremely minimal at the outset.

Internal codes from home Discover an updated physical bracket name (TR4 Plus?), 250 Watt and 280 Watt power envelopes as well as models with up to 32 cores - probably because the more elaborate ones are still several months away from purchasing an order

For dessert, according to the latest information on the network, the processors The third generation will not only need new chip sets, under the brand First (with exposure and launches in November) and later also with TRX80 and WRX80 brands - but also with a new non-backward bracket with the internal name SP3r3, as opposed to the familiar TR4 resident known as SP3r2. We will continue to monitor developments on this topic and provide you with key updates as soon as possible.


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