And those who win the HWzone

And those who win the HWiki contest

Welcome - Meet our new computer encyclopedia
In April we uploaded a new community section to the site - HWiki Computer Encyclopedia Open based on the wiki model. The E-HWiki The new is a database of the world of computers and technology managed and maintained by a team HWzone And surfers. In this database you can view values, change them, add new entries or enrich existing ones, all in order to expand the database and make it richer in content.
And yet, it is impossible to launch a new and community section without a small celebration, and what better way to open the "HWiki Than a prize-winning competition!
During the next three weeks of the opening of the section we conducted a competition to fill a section HWiki In new values, alongside improving the existing values ​​in it. The goal of the competition was first and foremost to enrich the new section of knowledge, but also to reward the users with the most contribution to the section. The extent of the contribution was not necessarily measured by the number of added values, but by the total investment. Adding a highly invested value, creating category pages, or editing and correcting other users' entries also earned the surfers prizes.
Thousands of shekels were distributed at the event Cooler Master.
First Place
The user was chosen first Or ^ i, Which contributed the most, and won the package HAF X, Power Supply GX650A body V6 And a mouse Storm Sentinel, A gift from Benda Magnetic, importer of products CoolerMaster To Israel.
second place
In second place were selected users BigSag, Schnitzel andDani960, And each was awarded a package HAF932, GX550 And a mouse Storm Sentinel, A gift from Benda Magnetic, importer of products CoolerMaster To Israel.

Lottery for everyone

In addition, five donors were assigned to the section and the users who won Lolerxd, Surfface, Amits1995, Seangel, AndLiram21, And they will get a mouse Storm Sentinel Or body V6 Benda Magnetic, importer of products CoolerMaster To Israel.

Accessible to all
For the convenience of the surfers, the site added links to the existing values ​​in the section in the form of dotted links at the bottom of the words. Each new entry is linked automatically and retroactively to any location on the site for the convenience of visitors. We hope that this change will improve the quality of your browsing and will make available the information available in the section even more. We are always open to suggestions and improvements and would be happy to receive an opinion on the latest changes to the site (in the forum or On the Contact Us page of course).
The new section is an excellent platform for preserving and disseminating information (as Wikipedia has proven). So go ahead,HWiki Waiting for you and your knowledge!
Owen Lian, a representative of the global collar company,
Awards the user "Schnitzel"
Owen Lian awards the user "BigSag"
Owen Lian with Eddie Gendelman, director My business at Benda Magnetic,
Importer of Kohler Master products to Israel

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