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Another three-way way: A new SSD drive is exposed

ADATA adopts three-dimensional chips -Micro in favor of its own 2.5-inch drive

The gradual introduction of 3D chips Intel-Micron Commercial Manufacturing (IMFT) continues to give its mark in the market - now with a new standard 2.5 inch The Taiwanese.

While the Ultimate SU800 drives do not get official details about the manufacturer from which the 3D flashes come (in the TLC configuration), the use of Floating Gate terminology leaves us little room to doubt that this is the work of IMFT - making it the drive The second SATA (after Micron's MX300 itself) and the third drive in general (if included with Intel's 600P) used and intended for the home market.

A little more competition for Samsung

The ADATA drives are based on the Silicon Motion SM2258 controller and will be available in standard volumes between 128GB and 1TB, with Unsupported DRAM cache, support for Pseudo-SLC technology to improve performance potential, support for DevSLP technology for minimal power consumption at rest, support for LDPP as a three-year official error correction and warranty with 2's announced MTBF.

In terms of , ADATA reports maximum continuous transfer speeds of up to 560 megabytes per second in reading and up to 520 megabytes per second in writing, alongside Random up to 90,000IOPS read and up to 80,000IOPS in writing - which are probably reserved for the maximum volume model, while smaller and cheaper models will be characterized by potential More humble than ever.

Not the best we've seen - but there's potential
Not the most lucrative we've seen - but there is potential

The Ultimate SU800 models are expected to reach the various stores in the coming month, with recommended price tags of 60 for the 128 GB, 80 for the 256 GB, 140 for the 512 model Gigabyte and 270 for the upper terabyte model.

These are not the cheapest prices we have come across, but they do seem to be a good starting point for market prices that will actually be a few dozen percent lower and bring us closer to the bottom and most lucrative end of the market. Even if it doesn't happen right away - the fact that we have a slight addition to market competition is encouraging and is a positive development.

It will be difficult to determine how much of this new drive is really relevant before we see some real performance of it
It will be difficult to determine how much of this new drive is really relevant before we look a bit His real


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