Another Pampering from Amazon: Samsung 850 EVO drive in terabyte volume and discounted HWzone

Another Pampering from Amazon: Samsung's 850 EVO drive in terabyte capacity and discounted

drive Especially generous volume from home Is being offered at a significant discount in Amazon England

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In the eventThe Ultra II Not to mention, Amazon has another terabyte drive to offer you the deal - the famous EVO 850 .

In Amazon, England, we offer the day The terabyte version of the SSD drive For the price of British 185 pounds, which comes to 196 pounds after considering taxes and shipping to Israel. A little less than NIS 1,200.

This is a cost that is not inexpensive in general, and will also cost about NIS 300 from the offer for 960 GB SanDisk of Amazon France - And yet, this is a very attractive offer considering the volume of storage they receive in exchange, which is a discount of several hundred shekels compared to the price of the corresponding 850 EVO here in Israel.

Take advantage or give up? It probably depends mainly on the high-speed storage you need.



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  1. Prefer the SANDISK I purchased about a week ago at NIS 980 from Amazon (today at Amazon France as NIS 900)
    The 20% increase in price for the SAMSUNG model does not seem worthwhile.
    I guess the difference in performance would be negligible to imperceptible.

  2. Just order.
    As part of the booking process, you will need to create a username (Amazon Account) and enter credit information.

  3. Favors the SANDISK I bought about a week ago at NIS 980 from Amazon (today at Amazon France as NIS 900) The extra 20% at the price of SAMSUNG model does not seem affordable. I guess the difference in performance would be negligible to imperceptible.

    I debated like you. Go to the SSD benchmark and you will see that there is a difference. I took Samsung's tara at the end.

  4. I'm really wondering whether to buy.
    By the way, the SanDisk has already finished, its price rose to 337 Euro.

  5. I ordered the 850 Friday from Amazon Spain volume 250GB
    The truth that 500GB was a more lucrative purchase in my opinion than less volume than the price of the drive was excellent at this volume.

  6. For me, this is also for games. Every game I play at least like BF4, COD BLACK OPS III, GTA V and more ..
    Each game weighs at least 50GB. When you have an 250GB drive it's nothing and the place is over.
    And I'm not talking about new expansions or maps.

    Such a drive pretty much arranges me for life: biglaugh:

  7. I ordered the Define R5 at the end.
    Insanely sexy chassis!
    The quality of the building is crazy too.

    Waiting for Plonter: P
    Thank you all!

  8. Only I do not understand why 1TB SSD needs? Although nice if there is ...

    The 1TB drive cost me 2 more than I bought 250GB. That is, I saved 50%. And when it's still in operation.
    If you do not install games on it then 250GB is enough.

  9. I don't know if to buy.
    Because the SanDisk is already over, its price has risen to 337 euros.

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