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New Vision: Microsoft Unveils Windows 10X With Exciting Surface Neo Device

The future of a system May be compact and folding devices with dual screens - from home Herself and also from her great partner home

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The Microsoft event provided us much more Than an update for the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop - also a new "easy" version of 10 was there, and with it the The first unique to be based on.

Windows 10X is another sub-version of Microsoft's popular and successful operating system, built with targeting for folding or dual-screen devices. It offers a different start menu, elevating the Live Tiles feature that is familiar to those who use the "original" 10 windows, including easier and more accessible options for running a pair of apps Side by side - and will probably prevent users from standard access to classic Win32 applications.

Like other sub-versions of 10 We met in recent years, here again in Windows 10X, Microsoft will try to convince developers and users to adopt the modern UWP platform and the use of the built-in digital store in the system, to ensure optimal compatibility with the refreshing dual configuration. Microsoft will offer backward support for running software and applications From the past to our delight - though this is likely to be a marginalized ability compared to the push to the UWP casing. The hidden rabbi in the open when it comes to 10X At this point, when the official launch of the system seems to be coming only towards the end of 2020 - and until then quite a few changes in attitude and perception may accompany it.

Forget about 10 S - Get used to 10X

The first device to run Windows 10X, at least from Microsoft's point of view, will be the tablet-mobile this season for Surface Neo - Big brother of the Surface Duo Featuring a pair of 9-inch screens side by side in a folding metal casing with a 360-degree rotation axis, which together will provide an 13-inch work surface. Each of the screens is protected with Gorilla Glass cladding and boasts an 5.6 millimeter thickness only, thanks to the use of the thinnest panels ever in LCD technology for the people of - And when Surface Neo is folded in half, it will offer a thickness of just over 11 millimeters and a weight of less than 1.3 pounds, which can certainly provide competition for computers "Simple" with 13 inch screens.

Does not believe flexible and folding screens are ready in the spotlight - but goes for the closest solution imaginable

The Neo Surface will be powered by me A chip from Intel's innovative Lakefield family, Which has yet to be officially launched but will offer for the first time a hybrid approach with the use of one large core processing family (First generation Sunny Cove core) plus a number of small and economical processing cores in the family architecture (Four-core Tremont core), when the You will be able to combine several silicon chips side by side in a single case on top of the printed circuit so that both the dynamic memory, the graphical core and the PCH are all in one mantle of ultra-tiny dimensions.

We do not yet know what the Lakefield chips will be, but they should be cost-effective and highly effective, allowing consumers to experience "Full" in new and unexpected configurations

Alongside the Surface Neo, a touch pen will be attached that will connect via a hidden magnet to the exterior, and a wireless keyboard in an interesting concept that can be used completely separate from the device, or by attaching and placing it on one of the screens to cover its part, allowing the remaining exposed part of the display panel Serve as a touchpad or as a quick access interface to emoji and GIFs - somewhat reminiscent of computer concepts Owners of secondary screens that are already sold in stores, but with increased flexibility as the interface will not be fixed but one that will be set by the user at any given time.

Don't just explain in words what makes Neo unique - so at Microsoft they made an introductory video to help

We still don't have more details about the Surface Neo - mainly because it is, too 10X, is slated for its commercial launch only towards the end of next year. However, Microsoft has already stated that partnerships such as HP, Dell and Lenovo work on devices 10X has their own new and interesting configurations, so despite the longer than usual wait time we expect - we'll likely hear about this fresh venture quite a bit in the near future.

An unusual idea for more compact PCs with no compromise on usability - and we will soon see another variety of models going in a similar direction

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