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Another attempt to challenge Apple: Huawei launches a good and affordable 13 notebook

With Whiskey Lake chips quad-core, a video card of And a price tag that starts at $ 1,000 - the new Matebook 13 is probably one of the most interesting premium gadgets at CES 2019

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Despite the skepticism of many in its early years in the field, Huawei has proved to us that it has the ability to create computers Deserve competitive prices - and now its Matebook line is going to expand with the new 13 inch compact model that offers definitely competitive capabilities in size.

Laptop which is designed to replace the The Matebook X model from the middle of 2017 Provides consumers with an 2,160 × 1,440 pixel IPS panel, with 100 percent coverage of the sRGB color gamut and a thin 4.4 millimeter thickness on three sides - alongside processors The latest Whiskey Lake cores that replace dual-core Kaby Lake processors, Built-in 3GB LPDDR8 and 2,133MHz base-speed, 42-watts of power, which is expected to last ten hours and a fast charge of up to 65 watts.

Makes its most prestigious model accessible and more relevant for the New Year

The Matebook 13 features speakers from Harman with Dolby Atmos technology, dual-channel 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity plus Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, a built-in fingerprint scanner on the power button, NFC is relatively rare in the field and also a pair of 3.0 Type-C USB connections as a base - although each buyer will also receive a MateDock 2 unit with their own free of charge, which can extend one of those modern connections with USB 3.0 Type-A connector for information, and HDMI ports -VGA for .

Notebookcheck has confirmed the use of the powerful version of the MX 150 within the Matebook 13 (left) compared to the slower version of Matebook X and most of the other small and compact notebooks sold today

The most welcome change to Matebook 13 is the price tags, which will now start at $ 1,000 (not including VAT) for a base model with Core i5 processor, UHD Graphics 620 core and 256GB NVMe vs 1,400 Euro as a base for the Matebook X family - and the price of 1,300 dollars for the advanced version which includes the Core i7-8565U, a built-in NVMe 512GB volume and mainly a sample graphics card MX 150 in its fastest version based on the power envelope of 25 watts, instead of the 10 watts on most compact mobile devices.

The weight of the current model has swelled by about 200 compared to its predecessor - but it comes alongside significant advanced hardware found inside

The 13 Matebook is slated to land in stores early next month, with a gray or silvery shade, 1.27 kilograms weight and about 15 millimeters in overall dimensions that are more similar to classic 12 inches - will they be another success story for Chinese company? Considering key alternatives like Dell's XPS, HP's Specter or MacBook Air's Offer far less impressive value at the same price levels, it certainly sounds possible. Agree or think differently? Share your comments!

The addition of a docking station with additional connections at no cost is another small bonus point for the model

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