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Hard drive you don't want to miss: 6 terabytes in less than 450

Original Article: Amazon Mozilla Another Model of Popular from Western Digital

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It's something that definitely doesn't happen every day, nor every week - a pair of external mechanical drives The United States is available at their lowest price levels in Amazon United States, with tens of percent down on the cheapest prices you can find in Israel.

Beside The 8 terabyte model with a final price tag of less than NIS 600 we told you a few days ago, You can now also buy the 6 Terabytes model from the Elements series, 3.5-inch configuration and a rounded black finish, at a base price of only 100 dollars - or 136.87 dollars including VAT and shipping, or NIS XNUM including estimated conversion fee .

This is a great simple price, some of the best we have seen to date, and we only hope that the available stock will stay with us for at least a few days, and will not disappear within a few hours as happened under similar assumptions in the past.

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updating: The temporary operation of Which includes free shipping to the country makes the price of the drive even more amazing, 122.25 dollars includes everything, which means slightly less than NIS 435!

is also External of the same 8 terabytes series is available for purchase at the lowest price ever thanks to the new venture - 152.4 dollars including VAT and shipping, which are NIS 540.

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