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Another little victory for AMD: new collaboration with Huawei (updated)

updating: The laptop in question was officially presented under the name Matebook D 14, with a handsome array of four , A 57.4-watts-hour battery from a list that you can charge for 70 percent within an hour and all the other details we've already reported to you.

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Original article: Meet the first mobile of the Chinese company based on the processors -, As a welcome addition to the limited supply to existing supply

There are not too many Ryven-based Ryzen laptops in the stores, which may be a bitter reminder of the disappointing past In the era of its bulldozer processors - but we remain optimistic and hope for gradual changes and improvements that will bring more and more manufacturers to offer an alternative to models based on .

To a list that supports In the mobile market you can now add the (Under its Honor brand), it seems that it entered the field only two years ago, but has already demonstrated that it has the ability and the potential to provide quality products at reasonable prices, thanks to the details of the new MagicBook model that appeared on the network.

Yes, this computer pretty much mentions the - Air, which is not really random

Huawei already has a Kaby Lake-based MagicBook, combined with a graphics card 150 MX, and this new model will retain the same exterior and dimensions - with a full aluminum shell, an 14-sized IPS screen and fullHD memory, Of a gigabyte 8, a drive Of the 256-GB system 10, a built-in fingerprint scanner as well The Ryzen 5 2500U has four physical processing cores and a built-in graphics core 8.

The screen is probably the weakest link here, with modest brightness and a smaller than average color gamut - but under the right pricing it could still be an impressive deal for those impressed with Raven Ridge's capabilities

The MagicBook version of Intel Offers an array of four Dolby Atmos technology and a generous 57-watts of capacity, which is expected to provide both 12 hours of work and fast-charge support - and it is reasonable to assume that these attractive features will also be preserved in the G-. In addition, we will stick our fingers to the fact that the price tag starting at approximately $ 800 per dollar will also be saved in the new version. We will continue to follow up and update you as soon as possible.

It is not known if and when the Magic Book will be launched internationally, In particular - but we try to maintain optimism


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