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Another big deal: Western Digital will buy SanDisk at 19 billion

The maker of hard drives is set to leapfrog into the world of flash chips with the acquisition of the US chip maker and developer

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After several weeks in which we received lots of reports that she was looking for a buyer, SanDisk seems to have found its new parent company - and it's no different from The largest manufacturer of mechanical hard drives in the world.

The transaction value is more about 86.5 per dollar per share , Which constitutes a premium of 15 per cent compared to the current market price and a total value of approximately 19 billion, making it one of the largest transactions in the world of hardware, and in the storage world in particular.

If and when this transaction is approved and becomes final, Western Digital will become not only the leader of the mechanical drive market but also a very significant competitor in the flash chip market, both in production (in cooperation with Toshiba that will probably continue after the transaction) and in developing products based on storage To the business market, through drives All types and ending with the world of SD cards,, In which Has been the leading name for many years.

A powerful new collaboration, and quite surprising
A powerful new collaboration, and quite surprising

And so, it seems that the two dinosaurs of the hard drive world, Western Digital and Seagate, are completing an important modernization process and becoming relevant players in the new era of the storage market - WD with its intended acquisition of SanDisk and major competitor Seagate with the takeover of the developer of the controllers. The SandForce vendor, which it made last year as part of the acquisition of LSI's flash technologies division.

In a few years, when the decline of mechanical drives will go into high gear (according to forecasts), we will see Western Digital and Segate becoming big competitors of Samsung,, Or are they already late for the train and what is happening now is too little and too late?

SanDisk Israel offices in Kfar Sava. How will the deal affect the hundreds of employees of the company employed in Israel? Source:
office In Kfar Saba. How will the deal affect the hundreds of employees of the company employed in Israel?

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  1. Sandisk is already a worthy competitor to the big SSDs.
    WD has no reason not to sell SSDs from now on - alongside current offers - and I guess its name will help with sales.
    In my estimation we will soon see all types of WD - HDD, SSD, Hybrid

  2. WD is strong in the OEM field.
    Probably this move will allow Posh to integrate SSD with basic computers

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