Another moment here: The new packaging of the Ryzen 3000 processors is being exposed on the HWzone network

Here's a moment here: The new packaging of the Ryzen 3000 processors is being revealed on the net

This is how the new generation of the dreaded Ryzen 9 models will be sold To home customers

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The 7 in July is approaching us in giant steps and threatens to scramble the cards in the home processors market, with plans to offer 12 consumers and even 16 processing cores at prices that could only have received eight cores so far. After we have received interesting clues about the performance that awaits us, we now also know what the new leading models will look like when they reach the actual stores.

A fresh image found through the network shows the updated chassis design for the third-generation Ryzen processors and the new Ryzen 9 processors in particular, which were clearly created to meet the latest Core i9 models .

Emperor's New Clothes?

The new version of the processor packs will be more colorful, and will include an up-to-date slogan that the processors "were built to deliver performance and were designed to win," when we see that this is also a wink in the direction of In anticipation that the Zen 2 blocks will completely erase the performance gaps with the core of the , And perhaps even succeed in overshadowing a large part of the tests and parameters.

Although this time there is no obvious external indication as in the current generation packages (instead we receive a statement of support for the first PCI Express 4.0), the Ryzen 3000 processors are also going to deliver significant value when they come with Adjustments included in the 9, for example, will benefit from the Wraith Prism RGB model, designed to handle excessive heat dissipation in a thermal envelope of up to 140W, 9 3900X 12 CORE AND TO- 9 3950X with 16 cores in which.

Planning to buy the new red generation soon, or not? Let's talk about it.

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