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Another NVMe for the masses: Kingston's new SSD drive

Original article: The American manufacturer reinforces its presence in the hot market with the launch of the KC2000 series

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Drives Based standard Over the past year, to our delight, they have become the product that every consumer can afford - and we welcome any addition of competition to the market that will increase the likelihood that more consumers can enjoy this long-awaited performance upgrade.

Kingston has managed to gain some credit with our A1000 and KC1000 models - and now hopes to join the major league with Magnified by the KC2000 models designed for both the home and business markets, based on the company's popular SM2262EN controller .

The new drives are based on the company's latest BiCS chips With TLC and 96 technology, they have layers in their internal structure and are available in volumes between 250GB and 2 terabytes at the top end, in the M.2 format of course, with the ability to achieve continuous speeds of up to 3,200MBps in reading and 2,200MBps in writing, plus random performance with small 4KB files up to 350,000IOPS in reading to 275,000IOPS in writing.

There are not many drives At a price level that includes support for hardware encryption, which is significantly faster than operating system-based cryptographic solutions

The KC2000 drives include a very economical standby mode with only 3 power consumption, 5 years warranty with 0.3 compatible write volumes of the full capacity (respectively on each model) daily and TCG Opal 2.0 And eDrive for thermal encryption along with support for 256 bit AES encryption.

Nice to see more options to inflate 2 terabytes

Kingston's recommended prices will be 62 dollars per 250GB as a base, 114 dollars and 201 dollars per 500GB and one terabyte respectively and 410 dollars per 2 terabytes - between 25 cents per gigabyte of 20 has a gigabyte per gigabyte in the 1TB model that pays the most for the group. These are not the lowest prices we have met, but there is good reason to believe that the practical prices in the market will be slightly more accessible due to the fierce competition that exists, so there is quite a bit of positive potential here.

The initial evidence for KC2000 performance is quite promising - but we are waiting for more sources to decide

The launch of the KC2000 drives will take place in the coming weeks, and we will eagerly await some reviews and tests In order to decide whether this is another prestigious offer at the high end of the market or a siege that should be considered only when the price cuts are very large.

updating: The KC2000 drives landed in our local market, at prices ranging from NIS 250 to the basic 250GB model to NIS 1,620 for high-end 2 terabytes - not cheap compared to many more modest NVMe drives, but less than the 970 EVO models And WD's Black SN750.

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