Another chance: SSD drives discounted at Amazon

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SanDisk drives, Kingston and PNY are offered at attractive prices these days at Amazon in America and Europe

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If you did not take advantage of the Black Friday and CyberMoney operations at the end of last month to renew the drive Fast and advanced, it turns out that you have not lost too much - Amazon's operations on a wide range of popular drives continue even now, and here are some of them.

The relatively modest SSD Plus drive של , In the volume of 120GB, is offered for purchase in Amazon France at a cost of about 43 Euro only, including taxes and shipping to Israel.

As an alternative, Kingston's SSDNow V300 drive, Also in 120GB volume, is offered in Amazon USA for about $ 55, including taxes and shipping to Israel.

Drive of the American company PNY, 240GB and CS1211 models, is sold in Amazon USA at a price of about $ 89 only - including tax and shipping to Israel.


Not the most popular model on the market - but with a price tag like the one he has now seems to be flexible on this matter

The latest MX200 microcrystal drives from Micron, in the volumes of 250GB and 500GB, Featured in Amazon USA For approximately $ 112 and $ 194, respectively In Amazon France You can buy them as well - in approximately EUR 99 and EUR 163 respectively. All of these costs take into account shipping costs and taxes.

SanDisk's popular Ultra II drive, with a generous volume of 480GB, Currently sold in Amazon Germany For a price tag of about EUR 142 only.


It is again an operation that is hard to ignore

Finally, for those who really want to go wild, SanDisk's Ultra II drive is offered, Volume of 960GB, At a price of about EUR 262 including shipping to Israel and tax. Not a bad proposition for anyone who needs a lot of volume fast.

If you coordinate more equal offers, remember that you are always welcome to share with us all In the forum of Israeli and international sales our.