Another opportunity: NVMe drives fast at impressive prices

Operations on hardware products continue to reach us - And in Amazon

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The days of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Munday have given us quite a few opportunities to get drives Advanced " At unprecedented prices, but if you missed these deals, there are a few more suggestions to consider.

If you're looking for a fast NVB terabyte of terabytes at the cheapest price available right now, you can choose On Intel 660p - which is offered for a total price 683.59 now in, Cheaper than the price we saw in the equivalent American Amazon.

Also the NVMe drive, which is equivalent to Micron's 660p, The Fresh Crucial P1, Available at a reduced price of 208.53 USD or approximately NIS 780 for those who prefer this popular brand 250 less than the cost in stores in Israel.

God- P1 starts to fall below its recommended costs - and becomes much more relevant

Those who want an even more advanced drive that can achieve continuous transfer speeds of up to 3,200 megabytes per second can choose HP EX920, Which returns to a particularly competitive price of NIS 814.18 for one terabyte volume.

For dessert, too Kingston's A1000 model An interesting cost of 218.94 (NIS 820) is offered for an 960GB model - a reduction of at least NIS 150 compared to the prices in Israel.

The most expensive NVM drive in the world at this time is no doubt The HP EX920, Which offers advanced performance and full utilization of the PCI-Express 3.0 4 - at a total price of only NIS 421.05, which is very close to the price of the dual-volume model of the same series. Ready to settle In 256GB For your system? You can purchase it for a final price of NIS 292.57 - A1000 and XPG Gammix S11 sold in Israel at similar prices for similar volume.

The EX920 was the Which is the most profitable before the campaigns of the last month - and now returns to its place at the top, especially in the large volumes

The Kingston A1000 drive is 240GB Available after using the 5 discount coupon available on the product page, available in Amazon for the price of 59.26 USD, which is 225 shekels - and 55 less than the minimum cost of the model in Israel.

The Corsair Force MP300 drive is the same size as 240GB Available at a price of $ 62.16 in Amazon - approximately NIS 235, compared to NIS 390 for the same drive at local stores.

The 500GB model of the Crucial P1 Available for purchase at a final price 113.78 USD, including shipping to Israel and VAT - which is a discount of at least NIS 430 compared to the prices of the model here in Israel.

Dessert, The 512GB model of the Intel 660p drive Can now be purchased for 113.99 dollars - significantly more expensive than the cheapest price we received on the CyberMandy, The others out there.