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Another round: cheap Amazon cards and storage

Today's online store offers a number of interesting products from PNY for those who want to move information from place to place in the most comfortable manner

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Today, too, there are hardware deals in Amazon United States that everyone should check out - this time it's the modest US manufacturer PNY that is in the spotlight.

64GB Elite-X Fit Mini USB Drive And with continuous transfer speeds of up to 200MBps sold for 10 dollars, or 17.1 dollars including shipping to the country - and as always we strongly recommend combining its purchase with more products so that the total shipping cost will be shared among all and make the bargain even more attractive. Larger and more basic PNY Turbo USB drives are also available at a minimum price of 6 USD Inflate 32GB And 9 dollars Inflate 64GB, Through 17.5 dollars Inflate 128GB To 32 dollars To 256GB - Each plus $ 7 for shipping to the country.

It's not about my drives Especially when it comes to performance with small random files, but for those who need maximum volume at the most accessible price, this is a very generous offer.

Additional Elite-X USB drives that guarantee transmission speeds of up to 200MBps in reading up to 100MBps in writing are sold at 20 Dollars Inflate 128GB And 40 dollars Inflate 256GB (Excluding shipping costs of about $ 7), andThe Elite Pro drive has maximum 400MBps speeds of 512GB Generous can be yours for a final price of 101.91 dollars (NIS 375) including VAT and shipping.

A variety of drives Lots of volumes for every budget - you only have to choose

Full-size SD cards from the Elite Performance series, with transfer speeds up to 95MBps, are sold at 13.97 dollars Inflate 64GB, The price of 24 dollars To 128GB And the price of 47 dollars To 256GB - All at no additional shipping cost and with our warm recommendation to integrate with the purchase of additional products below the VAT exemption threshold that is known as 75 dollars. This series SD card has a maximum volume of 512GB Sold for 134.85 dollars including VAT and home delivery, which are worth NIS 495.

Photographers? Having Laptops? These expansion cards are probably for you

Finally, gadgets owners who need ultra-large microSD cards can celebrate with offers at lower prices - 512GB Basic Card With continuous transfer speeds of up to 90MBps available for 136.97, 500, andElite Pro 512GB card With transfer speeds up to 100MBps and support for the A2 App Performance standard for random performance is sold for 148.67 USD, which is approximately NIS 545. Pleasant shopping!

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