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Another Technological Record: NVIDIA Launches GTX 980 Desktop for Notebooks

The chip developer in Green continues to surprise us with the next generation, Its 2.0 and Launches, depending on the expected, card Full size and capability which is optimized for laptops

We knew it was coming, but it still managed to impress and surprise us - to There is a new portable video card leads, and is simply called the GeForce GTX 980, because it knows how to deliver Almost identical to those of the stationary model. New era in mobile processing? This is how it looks.

Contrary to what we saw earlier on the Asus' GX700 mobile phone, prior to the official announcement, The laptop will be completely identical to the desktop version at the core hardware available, the available memory volumes (4GB or GDNXX8GB) and even its effective working frequencies, which will stand at 5GHz. The only difference will actually be in the core operating frequency itself - which will be based on 7.5MHz at the base of the mobile version, compared to 1,064MHz at the stationary version.


This change should allow the GTX 980 laptop to offer a thermal envelope lower than 150 watts, Guarantee that they have no problem getting sufficient output of economical cores that will be used for these models - in other words, the Mobile is not a demonstration of the ability to be available in practice will be nothing, but a real product intended to conquer the gaming market in a storm. prima facie.

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Choice of particularly economical cores and mechanisms for dynamically controlling the speed of cooling system ventilators should provide capabilities Which will enable the GeForce GTX 980 laptop to offer That are even closer to those of his stationary twin - and even better than those of the GTX 980M, the former champion of the mobile world

The first mobile phones to be based on the GeForce GTX 980 laptop will come to us from MSI, Massus (the GX700 owner The water), from the gigabyte Aorus gaming brand, and also from American Clevo that does not operate in Israel, unfortunately. Prices are going to stand at 2,000 dollars and north and form a very specific and narrow niche - but that doesn't eliminate the fact that this is a tremendous technological achievement, for a portable system weighing less than 4 pounds that knows how to deliver Similar to those of a very powerful stationary gaming computer, uncompromising.

Take note of the MSI GT80, which made headlines when it was the first laptop ever with a mechanical keyboard - and will soon be available in a new version that includes a pair of (!) GTX 980 cards in the SLI array, for Which may be about 50 better than anything we've seen in the gaming mobile market so far

It will be very interesting to see whether in future generations we will begin to see a variety of fixed and mobile video card models that offer identical hardware and capabilities (as opposed to today, where the mobile versions included significantly less performance than their mobile counterparts and sometimes based on completely different cores) It's interesting to see if you look Offers a product Similar advanced - perhaps based on the impressive technology behind the R9 Nano.


How about - is this really a revolution that will make the gaming world more relevant and competitive than ever, or are we far from such a situation? We would love to hear your comments.

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