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Antec P50 Case Review: The advanced cube that will not rip your pocket

We took a look at Antek's new P50 case. Let's find out if we have another worthy competitor in the advanced cube package market

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The personal computer market is on the way to reduction and this is not a conjecture or a secret. Tiny computing is something the world is moving to with products like NUC's , Such as advanced motherboards in the mITX configuration,.
As far as desktop hardware is concerned, large-scale hardware can still be found these days. Like the Fury X and with More will come out and keep the dimensions as small as the Pascal series of Which appears in 2016.

One of the strongest products in the world of packaging last year in the field of advanced computer hardware that is being passed is Corsair's Air 240. A specially ventilated cube case suitable for high-power advanced hardware. This time it is time for veteran actress Antek to show what she is worth with the new P50 chassis.

Many Antek's P series are recognized thanks to best-selling cases such as the P280 and the P100. These have the ability to contain hardware and quiet it through walls containing noise isolators. This is in addition to good airflow and fan control options. When these packages passed through the site they also won praise and high grades for good reason.


The P50 is an additional case in the series that gets a completely different look from its brother. Is coveted, low and is intended for smaller motherboards in the mATX and mITX standard.

It contains two front 120 millimeters and one 80 rear end behind the hard drive partition. It is suitable for water cisterns and air purifiers up to an inch 14.


The first thing that caught my attention on the P50 is how elegant this package is. How fun to see such a solid package in a market where all the colorful bulbs and plastics stands out. The front of the chassis is completely flat and at the top there is a single inch 5.25 bay for the burners or controllers you decide to install. The upper part has two ports 2.0 and more 3.0 outputs. It is difficult today to find 4 ports in small packages and for it comes to Antech Credit. In addition to these, there is also a REST button and a flare with two fans.


The top of the P50 contains a filter and a ventilating net. This part is usually used for radiator fans But can also be used for fans only to increase airflow in the package.


You can mount a fan or two with a diameter of 120 millimeters. This chassis does not support upper 140 fans due to its size.


At the back of the case is a hint of its interior. Just like the Air 240, this case is divided into two separate partitions. One is for the motherboard and the components installed on it and the other for the power supply and the storage media. The version that came to the criticism is like this with a completely sealed partition door in front of the motherboard. There is also a version with an acrylic window on which you will pay a little more. On the back of the case a small fan is installed behind the fan cages (on the left) and there is a space suitable for the garden of two 80 millimeters on the motherboard.


The back partition is fairly simple in its structure. It allows docking of three standard hard drives (diameter 3.5 INCH) and two drives Small addition. This is quite a quantity given the size of the chassis and will allow the trains to be quite advanced. In front of the power supply fan there is an opening in the door to allow its fan to suck air from the outside.

The legs of the case are simple plastic legs, which is a bit disappointing. I expected rubber pads to prevent the vibration of the hard drives and help quiet the hardware. At the price of 80 dollars it is not much to ask for. For the purpose of assembling the hardware, I used the Antek's Edge 750W power supply with the 80Plus Gold efficiency standard and full modularity. Thanks to Antek for providing this power supply for criticism.


Although suitable for motherboards up to the MATX standard, I decided to try to assemble a mITX system into this chassis to test its handling of connection density. The lot procedure was simple as such in a standard package and it lasted a short time without unnecessary delays. I am very pleased with the wiring options in the P50 and there seems to be a short answer to each connection on the motherboard, including the problem of the processor located at the center of the board.

The two front fans of 120 millimeters have no problem to cool all the components of the board and transfer the hot air through the exit at the back and up. P50 airflow is very good and allows the installation of highly advanced hardware. When it comes to video cards, installing cards longer than 30 centimeters will be a problem, because you will have to remove the front fans. Therefore, instead of installing R9 XIUMXX TRI-X's I had to install an 770 GTX Shorter than it at 3 inches to get a minimum fit.


The rear partition has enough room for all cables and volumes without putting pressure or power on one of the components. The standard hard drives have a rear fan and that's all we have to worry about in this partition. Drives Do not need such an active cooling. Air to the main partition comes through the vents located on the sides of the chassis in front.


For me, the P50 case is unique. From the moment I was offered to cover him I knew exactly what I would accept and my expectations were almost filled. This is a small cube package that does not come to pose. There are no flashing lights here and no cheap plastic that suits the budget gaming packages from the east. The solid profile and simple design are the strongest points of the P50.


There are a few things that bother me a lot about P50, things that keep him from being a P-box like his brother. The first thing is the plastic legs. Legs are an important part of advanced enclosures, as they prevent shaking of the moving parts from the table. In addition to this, the chassis walls are not really watering walls. True, the air is drawn in a quiet profile through side door openings, but walls with noise-insulated material are mandatory for quiet casings such as P series and series like Define's . Here, I was expecting a package with such sides and unfortunately they just are not. In addition, its doors feel a bit weak and bend slightly with power activation.

Other than these not-so-significant drawbacks, the P50 is just great. It is suitable for advanced hardware, with excellent airflow and even supports dual-fan radiators for water cooling. All this at a symbolic launch price of 80 dollars, which has already become 65 in the US. It's a market-breaking price category, especially when you don't have many competitors in that category. The slightly higher-quality competitor offers a solution for 90 dollars today, a high price Significantly, in Israel you can find Antec's P50 for less than NIS 300.

Best Value - P50

The P50 accepts my recommendation to those looking for a good, ventilated chassis for small computer systems. Whether for the office or living room, the P50 will do a great job at a low price.


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  1. Great company
    Two weeks ago, I changed from SHARKOON to ANTEC
    I have an Antec ISK600M from a country that cost me a 280 shekel in a great KSP chassis
    Cool and quiet a little compressed but excellent at a level that is worth every shekel!

  2. I really liked the case, would it be able to hold an ASUS H81M2 motherboard and a TI BOOST video card?


    Are the sides made of plastic only polymer layers (without metal) or are made of metal and only coated with a polymer layer for quiet?
  4. No material will fail to mute the 7970 reference I have on 50% fan or higher :)

    Maybe some sort of alien technology: D

  5. Joins the question about video cards.
    I read that there is a problem with cards with dual cooling? Or is it just a problem in the lower expansion slot?

  6. Awesome review, how is it as a NAS storage server - Intending to store over 4 hard drives? Is there an option for a built in interior?
    Because in terms of cooling it looks appropriate (and of course size)

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