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AOC's new screen is large, concave and agile

The Taiwan electronics company is displaying an ultra wide and interesting 35 screen

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Agreeing at a high refresh rate threaten to become the new standard in the market, which can provide a quality viewing experience and smoother in almost any situation combined with FreeSync technologies and the-And, in some cases, it also looks great and 'natural' thanks to the added concealer that gently wraps the viewer. If this description speaks to you - you'll probably be happy to know the new C3583FQ from a company .

Behind this notorious name is an 35-inch, 2000R, and relatively low-screen (some of its system components built-in for that purpose), which is based on the AU Optronics XVA-1,080 × 2,560 panel, which is a better quality alternative To the TN screens for the types that have returned to relevance in recent times thanks to the response rate and support for their high refresh rates.

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Will be available in black and white

The C3583FQ supports FreeSync technology Variable frequencies of between 48 and 146 Hz, including support for the fresh Low Framerate Compensation technology to prevent interruptions during dips at a frame that "shoots" the frame, and other features are 2 millisecond grayscale (G5G), ratio 2,000 static contrast: 1, 100 percent coverage of the sRGB color gamut, large 178 viewing angles horizontally and vertically, and an average brightness of 300 candle per square foot.


The reports also speak of a supporting version To the screen in progress, and you can support even higher refresh rates of up to 200 Hz

The new screen will provide a pair of HDMI 1.4 inputs, with MHL support for direct display from smartphones Supports, pair of DisplayPort 1.2a inputs with FreeSync support, DVI connection, pair Of rear-facing 5 watts and basic ergonomic ability of tilt only. The big unknown here is the price, and we certainly hope that it will be attractive and that it can compete with the concave TN screens with a small but important qualitative advantage.


The official price was apparently revealed at the CES 2016 exhibition in early January

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